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Thread Palettes: For or Against?

13th October 2010

Thread Palettes: For or Against?

The subject of thread palettes is a tough one for many people who machine embroider.   Some people maintain that thread palettes, or thread bundles or whatever name you give them,  are constructed by companies that have left over or slow moving thread and want to get those particular colors out of their inventory.   Other people maintain that the groupings usually have one or two useful colors and that the rest are simply the boring or odd colors that no one wants to purchase.  There are also those who would prefer to be able to create their own thread palette rather than being limited by the already created palettes offered by the thread distributor or manufacturer.

EnMart has offered what we call thread palettes almost since the very beginning, and we do it for one simple reason,  thread palettes are a great way to offer complimentary shades of thread at a reduced price.   The palettes do allow us to promote certain colors,  and to encourage our customers to examine some shades they might not have considered,  but the threads offered in the palettes are by no means slow sellers.    We do, after all, want you to purchase the palettes,  so creating a palette with thread colors that were not useful or appealing would really be working against our own best interests.

Personally, I am particularly fond of our holiday thread palettes,  as I am also fond of holiday embroidery.   Our Halloween palette would be fun to use with some of the Primitive Macabre designs from Urban Threads.   EnMart’s Christmas palette is ideal for embroidering some of these Christmas embroidery designs from Windstar.   If you’re looking to give life to that cornucopia or turkey to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday,  our Thanksgiving palette is a must.

EnMart’s thread palettes also extend beyond the holidays.   If you do a lot of embroidery on baby clothes or on gifts for babies,  our baby gift thread palette should come in handy.    Our shades of color palettes  allow you to run the spectrum of hues in one particular color family,  whether it be grey or green.    There are a lot of different palettes from which to choose and all are composed of high quality Iris UltraBrite polyester thread.

Thread palettes may not be to everyone’s taste,  but they can provide a great bargain and be a terrific way to increase your thread inventory while sticking within your budget.    I would be interested to hear what our blog readers think about thread palettes.   If you have an opinion on the subject,  please leave it in the comments for this post.

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