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EnMart Shipping Policies

4th October 2010

EnMart Shipping Policies

In the past I’ve mentioned, once or twice or ten times,  that EnMart has four locations.   EnMart East is in New Jersey.  EnMart West is in Nevada.  EnMart South is in Georgia.  EnMart Corporate (or if we’re continuing the geographical theme – EnMart Midwest) is in Northern Michigan.   We have worked to position our facilities strategically so that we are generally a two day ground shipment from most locations in the country.  Our goal is to get you your goods in a timely manner and with reasonable shipping costs.

As with any business, however,  our inventory is often in a state of flux.  This is great for us,  inventory going out means that people are buying things and that, after all, is the entire purpose of our company.  It does, however, sometimes throw a glitch into the whole shipping from the closest location to the customer thing.   We maintain stock levels based on past order history and try to project how much we will sell of any given item in the future.  Our goal is to have just enough,  too much means inventory sits on the shelves far longer than we’d like.  Too little means an item is not available when it has been ordered.

A lot of the time we get the balance right.  Sometimes,  we don’t.   This means that, on occasion,  when you order something it won’t be in stock at the location closest to you.  When that happens,  EnMart policy decrees that we ship from the next closest location that has all the items in the order.

We want to get everything to you as quickly as possible.  That’s why most orders, with the exception of things like blanks and transfers which must be created, ship the same day.   That’s why we have four locations,  and why we’re constantly tinkering with our stocking levels and locations,  trying to find the perfect formula.  The reality of the situation is, however,  that we probably won’t ever find the perfect formula and there will be times when your order might take a little longer to get to you.    We will do our best to make sure those times are few and far between,   but we know they will happen.

When these things do happen,  we ask that you bear with us,  particularly if this is your first order.   Inventory adjustments are made based on orders placed,  so it is likely that an item ordered once will be in stock in the closest location to where the order was placed when the next order rolls around.   Inventory is always a work in progress and we’re constantly refining how and where we stock our shelves.

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