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Happy Third Birthday EmbroideryTalk (A Little Early)

27th September 2010

Happy Third Birthday EmbroideryTalk (A Little Early)

This Saturday, October 2, 2010, will mark three years since I wrote the first post for EmbroideryTalk.   The first post was mostly introduction.  I explained who I was and what the company was about and also talked a little bit about what we hoped to do with the blog and with the company.   In the second to last paragraph of that first post,  I said this:

We think of this blog as the beginning of a conversation. We’ll talk and, hopefully, you’ll talk back. We encourage discussion and questions, and will do our best to be a useful resource.

Luckily for me, and for EnMart,  that first post was the beginning of a conversation that has lasted for almost three years now.   Since the initial post I’ve written, including this one, 355 more, which comes out to roughly 119 posts a year.  At an average of 400 words per post I’ve written approximately 47,600 words a year,  just on this blog alone.   That’s a lot of words,  and I can only hope that some of them have been helpful to those who read this blog.

Over the last three years I’ve written about a lot of topics.  One of my main topics, of course,  has been Iris thread and I’ve written about everything from Hilos Iris,  the company that makes the thread,   to why thread weight matters,  to choosing the right machine embroidery thread.   I’ve also written about backing, needles and blank patches.

There have also been posts that covered topics other than the products EnMart offers.   I’ve talked about building a website.   For a while I did a series called Marketing Monday,  where I discussed various aspects of marketing a small business.   This blog has also offered a lot of machine embroidery tips.

Of course, there have also been a few posts that really didn’t fit into any category,  which were written just to stretch my writing muscles,  or just for fun.   That would certainly be the category into which The Alphabet of EnMart falls.  Just for fun is also why I write The Friday Blog Round-Up series.  Spotlighting great work by other bloggers has long been a passion of mine,  as is building community.  The Friday Blog Round-Up is my attempt to do both.

As we get close to embarking on our third year with this blog,  I mostly wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone who subscribes to and follows this blog.   Thank you to those who comment,  whether it is here or on Facebook.  Thank you to those who retweet my posts on Twitter and who write lovely comments about them there.  Writing is primarily a solitary endeavor,  and it is feedback that keeps the words coming.  I’m grateful to all of you who have let me know you find the blog helpful and enjoy it.  Your support means a lot,  and I hope you’ll keep reading as we move forward into our third year.

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