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How Often Should a Blog Be Updated?

31st August 2010

How Often Should a Blog Be Updated?

Depending on who you ask and what you read, the typical answer to the question in the title seems to be as often as possible. Most blogging experts would recommend that you post to your blog at least once a day, if not more.  The rationale behind posting multiple times per day seems to be that people visit your blog more than once a day and those who visit multiple times a day like to find new content.  If they find new content relatively frequently, readers are more likely to come back the next day.

There is also the issue of the obligation that those who write blogs have to their readers.  People visit the blog because they find the contents and the writing interesting.  Like anything else that is public domain, blogs can develop a readership, which expects that the blog will continue to be interesting and frequently updated.  Some people develop a relationship much like the one people have with a newspaper or a news web site.  They keep reading every day and they expect the content to be different and updated every day.  If people choose to read, does that mean you owe them new blog posts from now to the end of time?

When I first started writing this blog, I wrote two or three posts a week.  Some of that was because EnMart was new and I was still feeling my way with the blog and some of that was because a start up company requires a lot of tasks to be done.  As time went on, the load on my plate increased, but so did the readership of the blog, so I stepped up my posting schedule.  Some time after that, I started the second blog.  Most weeks I now write, on average, six posts a week.  I give myself weekends off, except I generally spend a small part of each weekend mulling over what topics I’ll write about next week.

What I’m trying to figure out is how frequently people expect to see posts updated on blogs they read on a regular basis.  Does it make any difference if the blog is a personal blog rather than a company blog?  How many days can a blog go without having a new post before you won’t be coming back again?

Personally, I like to see new content fairly regularly.  I will probably remain a loyal reader if the writer skips a few days, and I do have slightly different standards for personal vs. business blogs.  I do, however, know there are a lot of interesting blogs out there, and my reading time is at a premium.  If a blog I like doesn’t get updated on a schedule that I consider frequent enough, I’ll just move on to another blog I like that does.

I’m wondering what the rest of you think, though.  If you write a blog, how often do you post and why?  If you read blogs, how much does the frequency of new content have to do with how often you visit the blog?

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