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What Do You Want to Know?

26th August 2010

What Do You Want to Know?

When I started this blog, almost three years ago,  my main goal was to make it a place where machine embroiderers could find tips and hints and help on running their business and creating their products while also learning about the quality supplies that EnMart sells.  Since the blog began,  I’ve covered a wide variety of topics.  I’m lucky in that I have a large pool of experts from which to learn and this blog gives me a place to share what I learn with the rest of you.  It’s an embarrassment of riches sometimes, and that can make it hard to decide what to write about next.  For that reason,  I wanted to list some of the topics I could cover,  and ask you all to let me know which subject areas would interest you most.   If I find that a couple of topics are getting the most interest,  I’ll make those a priority.

Topic Area 1:  Backing – I can cover anything from types of backing,  to what backing is best for what sew-out or material,  to how to use backing effectively, to how backing is made.  I have access to a backing expert and he is happy to supply me with information.  I just need to know what questions you would like me to ask.

Topic Area 2:  Thread –  In the thread category we can discuss how thread is made, what is the best use for each type of thread,  the difference between polyester and rayon machine embroidery thread,  what redying of thread means and why it’s not a good thing,  how the raw materials impact the quality of the thread and many more thread related topics.

Topic Area 3:  Dealing with Common Embroidery Problems – What should you do to help reduce thread breaks (besides using Iris thread)?  How does bobbin tension impact the quality of your sew-out?   What should a standard machine maintenance schedule be?  How can you DIY when it comes to basic embroidery machine repairs?

Topic Area 4: Patches – How do you embroider a blank patch?  When are sublimated patches a good option?  How do you choose between heat seal and sew on backing?  How do you determine what size and shape is right for your design?

Topic Area 5:  Heat presses – How to choose the heat press that is right for you.   What is the difference between a swingaway and a clamshell press and what situations are right for each type? Troubleshooting common heat press problems.

The list of topics is endless,  and I’m sure I could keep going for  several more topic areas,  but that’s really not the goal of this post.  What I really want to know is what you want to know.   I can write about almost anything,  but there’s no reason to write about topics that the readers of this blog don’t find interesting or helpful.  I’m hoping those of you that read will chime in with your suggestions for posts.  As always, my goal is to make this both a useful and interesting blog, and feedback from all of you will help me reach that goal.

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