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Any Color, Any Combination

10th May 2010

Any Color, Any Combination

One of the best things about my recent attendance at the DAX Chicago show was the fact that I finally got to see the wall o’ thread in action.  For those who missed it,  the wall o’ thread is one of the main features of the EnMart trade show booth.  In our 10 x 30 booth it is a truly impressive display of the gorgeous color and sheen of Iris thread, but even in a smaller 10 x 20 booth it has an impact.  I can’t tell you how many people were stopped in their tracks by the thread during the show,  and how many more commented at some point “I wish I could take all these colors home”.

We are aware that taking all these colors home might not be in everyone’s budget,  but we’d like you to be able to add as many colors as possible to your thread supply.  In order to assist you in doing just that,  EnMart has created two programs that offer thread discounts.  One is our thread palette collection, which offers groups of related thread colors at a reduced price.    The other is our Dozen Cone Discount program.

The Dozen Cone Discount program is simple.  Put twelve 5500 yard polyester or rayon cones in your cart.   These cones can be any combination of twelve, six cones of one color and six cones of another,  three cones each of four colors,  or one cone of twelve different colors.  The combination and quantity of colors is up to you.   Once you’ve added all the cones to your cart,  simply proceed with your order as you normally would.  Your discount of a dollar a cone will be automatically taken at checkout.

Another way to look at the Dozen Cone Discount is “buy 10, get 2 free”.   The discount program allows you to purchase 12 cones at the cost of 10 cones.     This discount applies to any combination of colors, so you can buy 10 of one color and 2 of another color to make up your discount package.   Our goal is to give you the most flexibility possible, while still passing along a substantial savings.  Our Dozen Cone Discount and our Thread Palettes are designed to do exactly that.

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