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EnMart Introduces Colored Metallic Thread

15th April 2010

EnMart Introduces Colored Metallic Thread

EnMart is proud to announce that we have added colored metallic thread to our metallic thread inventory.  Available in 13 brilliant colors, this thread will add sparkle, shine and color to your embroidery designs.

EnMart Colored Metallics offer the same high quality available from our gold and silver metallic thread.  These threads have a nylon core,  use rice paper for better bonding and stability,  and are undercoated with a silver alloy film.  They are designed to stitch at 1000 stitches per minute.

Some people will tell you that metallic thread can be problematic when it comes to embroidery, and it is certainly possible that some brands of metallic thread can cause problems.   Obviously, we can’t speak for other brands, all we can testify about is our experiences with EnMart metallic threads.    We have seen, time after time, our metallic thread turn people who loathed metallic thread into people who loved sewing with our metallic thread.   If you’ve had problems with metallic thread in the past, give our metallic a try.  Odds are you’ll discover the problem wasn’t metallic thread in general, just the particular thread you’d tried in the past.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that metallic thread does require some special techniques if you want to have the best embroidery experience.  Here are some things to remember:

  • Use a needle that has been designed to be used with metallic thread
  • Be prepared to adjust your tensions
  • Slow your machine speed down a bit – Metallic thread is a bit more fragile and may have more issues when the machine is running at higher speeds.

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