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Machine Embroidery Thread Palettes

2nd March 2010

Machine Embroidery Thread Palettes

About a week or so ago I posted a question on one of the forums that I frequent.  The question was about what EnMart calls thread palettes, and what others might call thread packages or thread collections.   The question was about whether or not people liked these sorts of collections and what would make them want to buy a thread palette.   One person answered my question and basically said that thread collections were a waste of money and a “gimmick” that thread manufacturers used to sell unpopular or unwanted thread.   The comment was polite, but pointed,  and it brought up a very real issue that some embroiderers may have with thread collections; an issue that it seemed that EnMart should address.

Please be aware that I can’t speak for other thread manufacturers nor would I presume to guess why they might or might not offer thread collections.  All I can do is tell you why EnMart created our thread palettes and why we offer them to you.

First of all, our thread palettes were created as a way to offer our customers complimentary shades of thread at a reduced price.  Palettes are generally priced between 15 and 20% below the retail price of buying each thread color separately.

Second, EnMart put together our thread palettes, particularly our holiday palettes, so our customers wouldn’t have to search for the thread they needed for a particular event.  Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day,  a gift for a new baby, Easter or Christmas,  EnMart’s thread palettes allow you to find all the thread you need in one convenient package, eliminating search time.

Third, our thread palettes were created because we know some people like them.   Some people don’t feel that thread palettes are useful, and they’re certainly welcome to their opinions.  Other people, however, do like the collections and appreciate being able to buy thread at a bargain price.  One of our goals here at EnMart is, obviously, to sell thread.  Given that, we need to offer as many options for buying thread as possible.  Thread palettes are one way we do that.

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