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The Friday Blog Round-Up 2/19/10

19th February 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 2/19/10

For those of you who are new to this series,  I have started a weekly post where I spotlight posts that I like from machine embroidery blogs that I read.  I am always looking for new machine embroidery blogs, so if you have one, please do let me know about it.

The first post in this weeks round up isn’t necessarily about machine embroidery,  but it does feature an absolutely adorable black lab puppy, so I think we can forgive the lack of embroidery chat.    The puppy’s name is Jack and he belongs to Angie from AKDesigns Boutique.   I grew up with a black lab, so I’m a sucker for these adorable and sweet natured dogs.  It looks like Jack is a keeper.

Next up is your weekly dose of Erich Campbell.  I’m a huge booster of Erich and the blogs he writes.  He’s a great writer and embroiderer and has a lot of knowledge to share.   This week, I want to recommend that everyone who owns an embroidery business read his “Embroiderer, Decorate Thyself” post.   I totally agree with his recommendation that everyone who works for an embroidery company should wear samples of the work the company creates.  Your employees and the clothing they wear can be your best sales tool.

Another great post that everyone should read this week is from the Fashion Incubator blog.  The tips are aimed at those who might be thinking of becoming freelance designers, but a lot are equally applicable to those who run their own businesses.   Things like calculating your hourly rate, dealing with travel expenses and paying for health insurance are issues all business owners face, and this post can give you some solutions for these potential problems.

Finally, the blog Sadia Sews features some gorgeous Kashmiri designs.   I’m especially coveting the gorgeous shawl.   These designs are meant for machine embroidery and, according to Sadia, sew out quite quickly.   I also love the lace that Sadia is creating.  I have some lace doilies that my grandmother made and they are some of my most prized posessions.  I can just imagine some woman in the future treasuring the lace featured in this blog post.

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