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A Quick Response

28th December 2009

A Quick Response

blue-clockI hate waiting.  I’m not a good at waiting, and I’m not terribly patient.  I’m also generally extremely punctual if not pathologically early when I’m expected to be somewhere, so waiting for other people tends to make me annoyed.  This particularly happens if, as is the case today, I really need something and I’m having to wait for it to be delivered.

Because I understand that annoyance of having to wait for something, be it product you need to use for a job or an answer to a question, I try to ensure that EnMart responds quickly to both inquiries and orders. My goal is to turn things around in an hour or less. Like any business, we’ve discovered that isn’t always feasible or possible, but it still remains our goal.

Another of our goals is to have all our locations fully stocked, so that we can send out the product you need the moment you need it, from the location closest to you. Right now this is still a work in progress. We’re still experimenting with stocking levels and figuring out what is the optimum level of which products to have in each location. Rest assured, if you order something from us once and it has to come from a location that isn’t the most convenient for you, that is the only time such a thing will happen. From that point on, we’ll make sure that the location closest to you is fully stocked with whatever you ordered. Exceptions to this will, of course, be things that are manufactured on demand or only manufactured at one location.

We are always open to suggestions about what we could do to provide better and faster customer service and order fulfillment. If you have a comment or suggestion for us, please leave it on this blog, contact us through our Twitter Feed, of e-mail me at kristine dot shreve at myenmart dot com.

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23rd December 2009

The Psychology of a Sale

2498066986_707251b4d9I see them every month.  In truth, I used to create them every month.  I suppose almost every online store does it, and I suppose most customers are accustomed to seeing a variety of e-mails from various online stores advertising their various sale items on a monthly basis.  Everyone puts stuff on sale. It’s part of selling.
These days, if you see an e-mail from EnMart, it won’t be announcing a sale.  The fact is our regular prices are, in many cases, lower or equal to the sale prices that others offer.  I’m not saying that is always the case,  or that I’ve looked at absolutely every site out there, but I will say that among those I have seen, our prices are often the lowest.  Having a sale on something that is already very reasonably priced seems a bit like gilding the lily.

I also don’t want anyone to suppose that low prices means shoddy or low quality merchandise.  We are able to offer the prices we offer because we have a very well connected purchasing team.  They’ve been around the business for a number of years and know just about everyone.  These relationships and connections allow us to get great prices.  Because the prices we are charged are reasonable, we are able to pass those savings on to you.

So, it isn’t likely you will ever see a sale e-mail from EnMart.  We do offer specials on occasion, often when we get a really good price on something which we can pass along to you.  EnMart will also offer closeout pricing when we’re phasing a particular product out of our inventory.   We also offer combo packages and volume discounts which can help you save even more money.

Our goal, always, is to offer you the best merchandise at the best prices.

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22nd December 2009

True Confessions (And a Contest)

I am not an emb370268roiderer.

I don’t sew.

I don’t craft.

I don’t have any visual artistic talents at all.  In fact, I’m incapable of cutting or drawing a straight line, even if given a ruler.

Like most people who have zero talent in a particular area, I greatly admire those who can embroider and create beautiful garments and bags and other items with the thread and backing and accessories that we sell.   It is great fun to see our products completely transformed by the talent and skill of our customers.

I’d like to see more examples of that.

To encourage people to share their designs and work with us, EnMart has decided to hold a contest.   We’re still debating what the contest will be, so while we’re debating, I thought I’d throw the question out to those of you who read this blog.

What sort of contest would you like to see?  What sort of prize would inspire you to enter?

Feel free to leave comments here on this blog, on our Twitter feed or to contact us with your suggestions or feedback.

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15th December 2009

The Perfect Gift

istock_000011246995smallHaving been the recipient of one too many “oh how thoughtful” gifts myself over the years, I’m a great proponent of gift certificates.  They  always fit, they allow the recipient to get exactly what he or she wants or needs, and they’re a great way to give a gift that the recipient will really think is thoughtful.  Some years gift certificates are all I give.

This year, EnMart has added gift certificates to our product line.  If you have an embroiderer or sublimator on your list, they’ll love being able to choose from our wide array of machine embroidery and sublimation products.   From our 300 colors each of rayon and polyester thread to our wide array of sublimation blanks, you can be  sure the recipients on your list who embroider and sublimate will find something they want or need.

The minimum amount for an EnMart gift certificate is $25.00, since that is the minimum amount for an order through the store.    If you would like to purchase an EnMart gift certificate, you can find them here, or you can access the “Order Gift Certificate” link at the bottom of the shopping cart on any page of the web site.

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14th December 2009

A Commitment to Excellence

istock_000003281420smallThere are a lot of things that make me proud to be a part of the EnMart team.  I work with a lot of great, smart, talented people who care about making this company the best it can be.   We have a lot of knowledgeable staff who are eager to share their knowledge with anyone who needs help and assistance.  EnMart has formed alliances with terrific partners, Hilos Iris, QST and Sawgrass to name a few,  who have the same commitment to excellence and customer service that we do.   We’re constantly working on ways to do things better and faster and differently.  This is a company that will never rest on its laurels.

If you’re wondering why I’m suddenly waxing poetic about the place where I work, it’s because I’m fired up after last week’s EnMart Summit.  We brought all the sales people and all but one of the customer service staff to our corporate headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.  Even in the midst of a week long snowstorm, our suppliers managed to be with us, via computer if not in the flesh, and we all learned a lot about EnMart, the products we sell, and how we can all work together to make this company even greater than it is now.

This was not a “company training session” in Aruba, where every lies in the sun, drinks too much and takes embarassing pictures which will somehow end up in the company newsletter.  This was an educational seminar, where our salespeople and CSRs learned more about the products we sell.  Our theory is a sales and customer service staff that is well trained is a team that can help our customers more accurately and more efficiently.   The more we know, the better able we will be to assist you when you have a special need or a question.  The time that we spend training now is time you won’t have to spend waiting for an answer later.

A lot of companies say they have a commitment to excellence and customer service, but not all of them put their time, their personnel and their money where their mouth is.   We do.  Our goal is to provide the best, most informative and efficient shopping experience for our customers that we possibly can, and we’re willing to put our time and company funds into the mix to make that happen.

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3rd December 2009

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

presentsWhether you call it Christmas, the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kawanzaa or simply the holiday season chances are you’re going to have to buy at least one gift this year.  If you have anyone on your list who owns a garment decoration shop,  or who does machine embroidery or sublimation, you might want to take a look at some of the gifts available from EnMart.

One great gift for the machine embroiderer on your list is a thread palette.   Our thread palettes are made up of 6 cones of 5500 yard polyester thread and center around a variety of themes.  We have holiday thread palettes, shades of color thread palettes, and thread palettes suited to a particular decor or color scheme.  A thread palette is a great way to give someone the gift of thread without breaking your budget.

If you know someone who is just getting into sublimation, our Hanes SublimationMaker software is the perfect thing to put under the tree.   Hanes SublimationMaker is a template based, easy to use software with hundreds of the most popular Unisub gift item templates available. This software is designed for those who want to do sublimation (or ChromaBlast) and can be used to ensure designs will fit the desired products.   If you really want to see your designated giftee’s eyes light up, include a selection of their favorite sublimatable blanks as well.  Since EnMart does not require case minimums on our sublimatable blanks, you can mix and match to create the perfect gift package for every person on your list who sublimates.

We would also like to suggest that  many of the items from our Accessories category would make great stocking stuffers.   Our thread clips, small scissors, tweezers and lint brushes would fit perfectly in a stocking.  If you wanted somthing more substantial, a can of any of our Sprayway products would be a nice gift for those who embroider.  Embroidery machine needles would also fit nicely in a stocking and would make a small, but welcome, gift for any machine embroiderer on your list.

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1st December 2009

Why We Will Never Send You E-Mails You Don’t Want

e-mailI’ve been trying to come up with a topic for a blog post for most of this morning.   Sometimes a topic presents itself quickly, and other times I have to spend some time looking for inspiration.  This morning inspiration finally presented itself in my e-mail Inbox and the annoyance of that prompted me to write this post.

This time of year is the end of the 2009 trade show season and the ramp up for 2010.  As the Director of Marketing for Ensign Emblem and EnMart I get a lot of pitches from companies trying to sell me trade show booths, performers for our booth, audio visual equipment for our booth, shipping services for our booth and the list goes on and on.  None of these offers were offers that I requested be sent to me.  Some of these offers come from companies that I have specifically asked not to send me e-mail.  It’s a minor annoyance, but it is an annoyance.

Most of you probably already know that EnMart sends out a couple of informational/sales e-mails a month.  Our goal is to both provide tips that will help you, and to let you know about our terrific products.   We work to keep the e-mails short and interesting, and we try not to constantly bombard our customers and subscribers with e-mails.  I also, since I administer this program, try to learn from experiences that cause me annoyance.  That’s why we’ll immediately remove your name from our mailing list if we request you do so.  That’s also why we only send two to three e-mails a month.   Our goal is to inform and perhaps entertain, not to send an avalanche of information and sales pitches your way.

If you’ve been hesitant about signing up for the EnMart newsletter list, let me reassure you.  We’re interested in commnicating with our customers and potential customers, but we’re not interested in flooding your inbox with junk you don’t need, and we’re certainly going to abide by your decision about whether or not to receive our e-mails.  If you haven’t subscribed to our list,  you can do so by putting mailing list in the subject line and sending an e-mail to info@myenmart.com.

Go ahead give it a try.  If you don’t find the e-mails helpful, you can always request to be removed from the list.

We’ll do as you ask.

We promise.

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