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Two Years Goes By In a Flash

8th October 2009

Two Years Goes By In a Flash

time-fliesWriting a blog is  a lot like living your life, you live one day, during which you write one post,  and then you move on to the next day.  The focus stays on the day, or the post, that you’re dealing with at that minute, and you don’t look ahead too much.  Gradually the days and the posts compound until one day you do look up and realize that it’s been two years since the first post and the little company that could has become the bigger company that can.

When I started writing this blog two years ago, there weren’t a lot of machine embroidery supply companies with blogs.  Now, two years later, many of the companies have them, and some of the thread suppliers are blogging as well.  The network of information about commercial embroidery and sublimation is getting larger,  and I’m proud to say that EnMart has done its bit to help that pool grow.   Our goal has always been to create a place where people could ask questions and learn from our experiences, even as we learn from theirs.   It is always a thrill when someone tells me that something they read here has helped them in their work.   Helping our customers, either by sharing experiences and advice, or by finding and recommending premium products at reasonable prices, has always been the driving force of this blog.  It’s great to know we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

As for what will happen on this blog in the future, I am contemplating a few things.  One is the introduction of “What’s the Answer Wednesday”, which will allow us to focus on specific customer questions.   Another thing I’m considering is changing the name of this blog.  When it began, EnMart did only sell embroidery supplies like thread and backing and so EmbroideryTalk made sense.  Now that we’ve added additional items like sublimation and ChromaBlast to our product offerings, I’m thinking the name needs to expand to cover the new additions.  I’m not sure what I think the new name should be though, and I’m very open to suggestions.  If you have any, please share them with us.

It’s been a fun two years and I’m very grateful to everyone who reads this blog.  Whether you’ve left a comment here, dropped us an e-mail or taken the time to stop and see us at a trade show, I appreciate everyone who has let us know that they find value in what we do here.   This blog is, after all, intended to be of benefit to all of you.  It’s nice to know we’re getting it right when it comes to meeting that goal.

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