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What’s The Answer Wednesday

7th October 2009

What’s The Answer Wednesday

questionsOne of the things I write about often is the fact that EnMart is staffed with and partners with a wide variety of industry experts.  I work with people who have over 35 years of embroidery experience, and who have built embroidery companies from the ground up.   EnMart employs the man who was instrumental in bringing inkjet sublimation to industrial laundries.  We also partner with people who are experts in sublimation, embroidery backing and machine embroidery thread.   There is a wealth of experience on which I can call when I write blog posts,  and I’m grateful to have it, but it does also cause a bit of a problem.  While there is a lot I could discuss,  it is sometimes difficult to know what would be of the most use to those who read this blog and buy from EnMart.

That is where this post comes in.

I’m going to start a new feature on this blog called What’s The Answer Wednesday.   Every Wednesday, I’ll answer questions that have been asked of us over the past week.    The answers we give will, of course, depend on the questions we’re asked, but the subjects we cover could include, but not be limited to, thread problems, machine embroidery tips, machine maintenance, backing solutions, sublimation tips, and product questions.

If you have a question, you can leave it here in the comment section of the blog.  If you comment on a post other than this one, please note that your question is for What’s the Answer Wednesday.  If you follow EnMart on Twitter you can also DM me a question.    You can also contact EnMart on our Facebook page and ask a question.  Our Facebook page may also be one of the places where What’s the Answer Wednesday could be archived, so you may want to become a fan of EnMart.

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