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Sublimated Patches

26th October 2009

Sublimated Patches

sublimated-patchesMany of you probably already know that EnMart sells blank patches, but you may not be aware of our sublimated patches.  Today I wanted to tell you a bit about those patches and why we sell them.

The sublimated patches we offer are made, like our blank patches, by our parent company Ensign Emblem.   These patches are designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial laundry, so they’re sure to hold up under whatever wash cycle your customers put them through.   These patches are so durable there is a chance they’ll last longer than the garment will.  If you have corporate clients who are looking for a colorful and durable way to advertise their businesses, sublimated patches are the perfect solution.

EnMart’s sublimated patches are known as PrintMate Emblems, and are an economical and colorful solution for garment identification.   Our sublimation process is an efficient method of creating full color patches digitally and permanently dyed with any text, artwork, photograph, or design you choose.  The patches are “photo-realistic”  which means we can accurately reproduce photo quality artwork and can create patches with extraordinary detail.  If you have an intricate design you wish to put on a patch, PrintMate emblem will suit your needs perfectly.

EnMart’s PrintMate emblems are created to the exacting standards set for all EnMart’s products.  The fabric of the patches is 100% polyester, the merrow thread used is Iris Merrow Thread, which has been tested to industrial wash standards, and is extremely colorfast and durable.  Our sublimation ink is made by Sawgrass and creates sharp, true colors. If you’re looking for an economical way to offer your customers full color, photo realistic patches, PrintMate emblems are you best choice.   To learn more about this products, call us at 866-516-1300 or visit our website.

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21st October 2009

What’s the Answer Wednesday: Blank Patches

people-questionThis Wednesday we’re going to discuss a question, or perhaps the proper term is a request, from Ida.  She writes:

I’m looking to make patches. I don’t know how to do them if you can help me i would be so greatful. Ida

If you need blank patches there are really two ways to go about getting them.  One, as Ida mentions in her comment, is to make them yourself.   While we don’t currently offer instructions for creating your own patches from scratch,  I have found some resources that may be of assistance.

How to Make Patches with an Embroidery Machine

Making Custom Patches

How to Make an Embroidered Iron On Patch

How to Sew Patches and Emblems

Patch it Up – Urban Threads

If you’re looking for supplies so you can make your own patches, give us a call.  We can probably get what you need if we don’t already have it in stock. We do sell the Fabric Sheets you could use to make patches and, should you have a merrowing machine, the merrow thread,  and we can also sell you heat seal backing should you need it.   If you’re looking to make applique type patches, our Badgemaster product could come in very handy.   We also offer adhesive backing.

The second method of obtaining a blank patch is to buy them from a company, like EnMart, that produces them. Once, however, you buy the patches, you still have to figure out how to hoop and embroider them.   EnMart has provided instructions on how to do that.   I have also written some blog posts on the subject.

Blank Patch Embroidery:  Step by Step Instructions

Embroidering Single Patches: Deciding on Size and Type

Embroidering Single Patches: The How To Post

I hope this helps answer Ida’s question.  If any of you need more information about embroidering blank patches, or about what sorts of blank patches EnMart offers, please feel free to contact us.   You can also DM me on Twitter if you have a question you would like to submit for What’s the Answer Wednesday.

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19th October 2009

What We Don’t Do

customer-service-repEvery once in a while we’ll get an inquiry or a comment on the blog asking if we do or sell a particular thing.  Sometimes the query comes to us because someone Googled a particular phrase and it connected with a blog post I wrote in the past.  Sometimes the query just comes from someone who is calling blind, hoping that we can be of help.  Whenever possible we do try to be of help, but I thought it might be useful to spell out a few of the things that we don’t currently do, just to save some time.

One thing we don’t do is sell embroidery machines.    Since we don’t sell machines, we also do not offer service,  nor do we provide manuals.  Our parent company does have many machines of different brands in the six locations it operates, so we can sometimes provide information on troubleshooting a machine, but that is on a case by case basis and not something we offer as a matter of course.   We also have extensive connections in the industry, so we can on occasion get hold of an out of print manual for a machine but, again, that is not a service we offer on a regular basis.  If you are having problems with a machine,  you’re welcome to ask us if we can help, but we make no guarantees that we can.  EnMart also does not offer any training in how to use a machine at this time.

Another thing we don’t do is embroider patches.  We do offer blank patches,  and will be happy to sell you all the blank patches you can use in a variety of colors and sizes.  EnMart often gets inquiries as to whether we can embroider the patches we sell, and right now the answer to that is that we cannot.   While our parent company does do embroidery on patches, it is done for a very specific set of clients in a very specific industry.  At this point, extending those services to our EnMart customers would require retooling of our processes.  That may happen down the road, but that’s in the future.  In the meantime, if you do need decorated patches,  you can always choose our custom sublimated patches.  These patches are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to offer decorated patches to your clients.

The list of what we don’t do or don’t offer isn’t that long, so it always pays to ask us.   If you’re looking for a particular embroidery backing or topping and don’t see it on our site, contact us.   There is a chance we may already have the item in our inventory and, if not, we can certainly get it for you.   We have extensive contacts within the machine embroidery community,  and this often means that we can obtain the product or provide a connection to the service for which you are looking.   Our customer service representatives are always happy to help, and if they don’t know the answer, they can speak to our resident experts who probably will.

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13th October 2009

A Sale on Metallic Embroidery Thread

82314nIf you are on our mailing list, you probably did hear about our latest special.  If not, you most likely don’t know.  One of the best ways to keep up with what is happening at EnMart is to be on our mailing list.  We offer e-mail only specials, and those who get our newsletters are generally the first to know about new events or products or sales at EnMart.  If you aren’t currently on the list, please contact us.  We’ll be more than happy to add you to our mailings.

Whether or not you are currently on the mailing list, I did want to make sure that everyone who reads this blog knows about our latest special.  In addition to the October monthly specials which were announced on October 1, we’ve also added one additional monthly special.

We know that metallic machine embroidery thread frightens a lot of people, so it seemed appropriate to offer a metallic embroidery thread special in a month devoted to ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night.   For the remainder of the month of October, all our metallic embroidery thread is on sale for 10% off the regular price.   If you’ve been searching for a way to add some sparkle to your holiday embroidery, our metallic thread is the perfect solution.

We understand that many of you may be wary of metallic thread, but we urge you to try our thread.  When we say it’s different than most metallic threads, we speak from experience.   Our parent company runs this thread in all our plants, so we know it runs more smoothly, with less thread breaks and fraying.  We also know it adds a superior sparkle and shine to all your metallic embroidery.  If you’ve reached the end of your rope with other metallic threads, or you are frightened of having to deal with a metallic thread that doesn’t run properly, we ask you to give our metallic thread a try.

We know you’ll be pleased with the result.

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8th October 2009

Two Years Goes By In a Flash

time-fliesWriting a blog is  a lot like living your life, you live one day, during which you write one post,  and then you move on to the next day.  The focus stays on the day, or the post, that you’re dealing with at that minute, and you don’t look ahead too much.  Gradually the days and the posts compound until one day you do look up and realize that it’s been two years since the first post and the little company that could has become the bigger company that can.

When I started writing this blog two years ago, there weren’t a lot of machine embroidery supply companies with blogs.  Now, two years later, many of the companies have them, and some of the thread suppliers are blogging as well.  The network of information about commercial embroidery and sublimation is getting larger,  and I’m proud to say that EnMart has done its bit to help that pool grow.   Our goal has always been to create a place where people could ask questions and learn from our experiences, even as we learn from theirs.   It is always a thrill when someone tells me that something they read here has helped them in their work.   Helping our customers, either by sharing experiences and advice, or by finding and recommending premium products at reasonable prices, has always been the driving force of this blog.  It’s great to know we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

As for what will happen on this blog in the future, I am contemplating a few things.  One is the introduction of “What’s the Answer Wednesday”, which will allow us to focus on specific customer questions.   Another thing I’m considering is changing the name of this blog.  When it began, EnMart did only sell embroidery supplies like thread and backing and so EmbroideryTalk made sense.  Now that we’ve added additional items like sublimation and ChromaBlast to our product offerings, I’m thinking the name needs to expand to cover the new additions.  I’m not sure what I think the new name should be though, and I’m very open to suggestions.  If you have any, please share them with us.

It’s been a fun two years and I’m very grateful to everyone who reads this blog.  Whether you’ve left a comment here, dropped us an e-mail or taken the time to stop and see us at a trade show, I appreciate everyone who has let us know that they find value in what we do here.   This blog is, after all, intended to be of benefit to all of you.  It’s nice to know we’re getting it right when it comes to meeting that goal.

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7th October 2009

What’s The Answer Wednesday

questionsOne of the things I write about often is the fact that EnMart is staffed with and partners with a wide variety of industry experts.  I work with people who have over 35 years of embroidery experience, and who have built embroidery companies from the ground up.   EnMart employs the man who was instrumental in bringing inkjet sublimation to industrial laundries.  We also partner with people who are experts in sublimation, embroidery backing and machine embroidery thread.   There is a wealth of experience on which I can call when I write blog posts,  and I’m grateful to have it, but it does also cause a bit of a problem.  While there is a lot I could discuss,  it is sometimes difficult to know what would be of the most use to those who read this blog and buy from EnMart.

That is where this post comes in.

I’m going to start a new feature on this blog called What’s The Answer Wednesday.   Every Wednesday, I’ll answer questions that have been asked of us over the past week.    The answers we give will, of course, depend on the questions we’re asked, but the subjects we cover could include, but not be limited to, thread problems, machine embroidery tips, machine maintenance, backing solutions, sublimation tips, and product questions.

If you have a question, you can leave it here in the comment section of the blog.  If you comment on a post other than this one, please note that your question is for What’s the Answer Wednesday.  If you follow EnMart on Twitter you can also DM me a question.    You can also contact EnMart on our Facebook page and ask a question.  Our Facebook page may also be one of the places where What’s the Answer Wednesday could be archived, so you may want to become a fan of EnMart.

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5th October 2009

EnMart’s October Specials

october-specials In October, EnMart is ready to help you prepare for the upcoming holidays.  If you create any sort of holiday themed embroidery, then our holiday thread palettes are sure to be of interest.   Our October special palettes also include a gold and silver metallic mini cone, perfect for adding that special sparkle to your holiday embroidery.

Our Christmas Palette contains all the shades necessary to embroider Christmas trees, Santa Claus and snow.   EnMart’s Thanksgiving Palette offers a variety of colors perfect for capturing the Autumn spirit of Thanksgiving.  The Halloween Palette provides all the colors you would need to embroider the spookiest ghosts, most ghoulish graveyards and wickedest witches.   Best of all, each palette is available at prices that are positively spooky.

In October, EnMart also offers a thread sale which allows bigger savings when you buy more cones of thread.  If you’ve been looking to convert your inventory over to Iris thread, October is the month to do so.     Our price breaks start at 6 cones, and go all the way up to 144 cones.  The number of cones can be of any color combination, although they must all be polyester.

Finally, EnMart is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly backing in October.  Our Hydro-Stick backing is a moisture-activated adhesive backing that eliminates the need for spray adhesives.  It will not gum up your embroidery needles or embroidery machines. Perfect for medium to heavy stitch count designs, and medium to heavy weight garments and other products such as blank patches. If you’re looking for an ec0-friendly, non toxic backing choice, Hydro-Stitch could be the perfect option for you.

As always, all monthly specials last from the beginning to the end of the month.  These specials will expire on October 31, 2009.   To take advantage of any of our specials, just visit the EnMart website, or contact us at 1-866-516-1300.

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