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Eco-Friendly EnMart

14th September 2009

Eco-Friendly EnMart

earthWe all know that environmental friendliness is a big issue these days.  Your customers want garments and embellishments created with products that are not harmful to the environment.  You want to please your customers without spending a ton of money on supplies or being limited in your choice of products.  I’m happy to say that EnMart can help you meet your goals and your customers wishes.

If you’re looking for thread that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, you should really learn about Iris Thread.   This thread is manufactured by Hilos Iris, a company which is dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.   From the dye stuffs used to color the thread to the waste water that is created in the manufacturing process, Iris does everything possible to be environmentally friendly.  You can read about Hilos Iris and their commitment to the environment in the About Us section of their web site.

EnMart also offers environmentally friendly inks for those who are decorating garments or other items through sublimation.   The Sublijet Inks available from Sawgrass Technologies are considered “green ink” because they are water based, and as such are demonstrably less harmful to the environment than solvent based inks.    When these inks are paired with recycled, recyclable, natural or biodegradable substrates, you get a finished product that  is certifiably green.   To learn more about “Green Ink Technology” you can download Sawgrass’ paper on the subject.

Another environmentally friendly product category that EnMart is currently investigating is backing.   One product we are looking into is the Hydro Stick Backing from QST.   This hoopless stabilizer has a moisture activated adhesive, which eliminates the need for traditional adhesive backing, which creates waste paper or spray adhesives, which often come in aerosol form.   The adhesive on this backing is also designed not to gum up the needles on your embroidery machines.

Environmentally friendly embroidery and sublimation products don’t have to be hard to find or hard on your wallet.  EnMart’s inventory of environmentally friendly products is expanding, so keep checking back to see what has been added.  If you known of a eco-friendly product that is not currently in our product inventory, please let us know in the comment section of this post.   As we’ve mentioned in the past, when you speak, we listen.

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