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The Importance of Regular Machine Maintenance

10th August 2009

The Importance of Regular Machine Maintenance

sw805I have to confess that I’m not what one would call handy.  I can do simple repairs, if given enough time and very good instructions, but I prefer to avoid repairs if I can.  The best way I’ve found to avoid having to fix something is to make sure I perform regular maintenance on it,  so as to keep the item in top shape.  Anyone who owns an embroidery machine understands exactly what I mean.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

One way to prevent problems with your embroidery machine is to make sure that it is kept oiled.   There should be an oiling chart in your manual which will tell you where the machine needs to be oiled and how frequently.  Most machines should be oiled with white sewing machine oil.  You may not need more than a few drops at a time, so make sure that you refer to your oiling chart for the proper amounts.   Regular lubrication is very important for the smooth and trouble free running of your machine, so make sure you oil it regularly.

Another important part of machine maintenance is keeping the michine clean and free of lint.  Thread fibers can build up in the machine.  Fabric can leave fibers and lint as well.  If the machine is not cleaned on a regular basis, these threads and fibers can build up and gum up the works, eventually preventing your machine from working at all.   An easy way to keep the machine lint and dust free is to regularly clear out all the nooks and crevices with something like EnMart’s Sprayway Lint and Dust Remover.

Luckily, embroidery machine maintenance is generally very simple.  If you remember to keep your machine oiled and to keep it clean of dust and lint, your machine should work well for you for years to come.

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