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The Letter of the Law

28th May 2009

The Letter of the Law

justiceEvery store that sells things most likely has at least one agreement with a manufacturer by which they must abide.  Maybe they agree to only sell certain items.  Perhaps they agree not to sell certain products so as not to compete with other distributors.  Before the first item is sold, the manufacturer and the distributors sit down and work out who can sell what, to whom and when, so that all parties completely understand how the business should operate.  It’s the smart way to build relationships and the honest way to do business.

When Hilos Iris, the manufacturer of Iris Thread, and EnMart formed a partnership,  there was really only one main limitation.  We agreed our customer base would  come from the commercial embroidery community.  If you had a business and a tax ID number, we’d love to sell you all the thread you wanted to buy.  If you were a home sewer,  however, our agreement prohibited us from selling you thread.  That was the agreement we reached, and the one by which we abide.

In order to make sure that we are keeping within the boundaries of our agreement, we call all first time customers who purchase mini cones of Iris thread from us to ensure that they have the necessary Tax ID number and that we can sell to them without violating the agreement that has been made.   If you order from us, you’ll only receive a call the first time you order.  This requirement also won’t impede the order process in any way.  It’s simply one quick phone call that allows us to make sure we’re living up to the promises we made.

After all, you wouldn’t want to do business with a company that did any thing else.

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