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New Category: Website Workshop

26th May 2009

New Category: Website Workshop

website-designOne of the things that we work hard to do here at EnMart is to educate.  We have over 30 years of embroidery experience and we work to share that with you through this blog, through our web site and even through the products that we offer for sale.  We also attempt to share with you all the lessons we have learned as we’ve built companies from the ground up.  Just like a lot of you, we have started companies from scratch and worked to make them grow.  Over the years we’ve learned a lot of lessons about the right way to build a company, and a few of the wrong ways as well.

In the past I have also occasionally written about what we’ve learned about online marketing or selling with a web site as part of our educational  posts. I’ve never, however,  sat down and done a series on the subject.  Today a lovely friend from Twitter, RetailMinded, made a suggestion that I do just that.  I thought it was a great suggestion, and decided to take her up on it.

I’ve created a new category for this blog, Website Workshop.  In this category will go all the posts about how to build a website, how online retail works, and what you need to consider before and after you build a website of your own.  I will also be soliciting guest posts from our IT Director,  and from other experts in web site design.  My goal is to create a sort of how to section for people who are starting from scratch with creating a web site, and for people who have a site but want some ideas about how to make it better.

If you have questions about any aspect of web design, please leave them for us here in the comments, or leave a comment for us on the EnMart Twitter feed.   I’m looking forward to this series, I think it will be helpful and educational and that we all will learn some things we didn’t know.   Stay tuned, the first post in this series, “Research” will appear later this week.

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