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On Account and Revised Checkout

21st May 2009

On Account and Revised Checkout

We all probably have the same visual.  Someone walks into a store and makes a purchase.   As they’re walking out of the store with their shiny new whatever, they throw back over their shoulder “Just put it on my account”.  The smiling shopkeeper, who I always picture as wearing rimless glasses and an apron (I think I watched too much Little House on the Prairie as a kid) makes a note in a book and the transaction is over in seconds.  It’s quick and easy.

EnMart is all about making things quick and easy for our clients.   That’s why we’ve added the option of purchasing on account to our web site.   You can find our policy on setting up accounts on this page under the heading “Accounts”.   Anyone who wishes to set up an account needs to be doing a certain level of business with EnMart and should have at least a couple orders worth of shopping history with us.   EnMart does require the completion of a credit application in order for a customer to be considered for an account.   Decisions on account status are made on a case by case basis and this status can be granted or revoked at EnMart’s discretion.

Because we’ve added the “on account” option, we’ve also revised our checkout process.  Previously it was one page, but we’ve now split it up into smaller sections to make it easier to find the information you need.   The “On Account” option will be under the billing information page.  If you have an account with EnMart, just enter a P.O. Number and your account number, and select the purchase order option from the pull down menu.  That’s all you have to do.

Please keep in mind that selecting the Purchase Order option if you do not have an account with EnMart may result in your order being cancelled.  Account status must be granted by EnMart.  If you have not undergone the process of being approved for an account, you should purchase your orders with a credit card.  This is the best way to ensure a smooth ordering process and to make sure your order is shipped in a timely fashion.

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