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The Letter of the Law

28th May 2009

The Letter of the Law

justiceEvery store that sells things most likely has at least one agreement with a manufacturer by which they must abide.  Maybe they agree to only sell certain items.  Perhaps they agree not to sell certain products so as not to compete with other distributors.  Before the first item is sold, the manufacturer and the distributors sit down and work out who can sell what, to whom and when, so that all parties completely understand how the business should operate.  It’s the smart way to build relationships and the honest way to do business.

When Hilos Iris, the manufacturer of Iris Thread, and EnMart formed a partnership,  there was really only one main limitation.  We agreed our customer base would  come from the commercial embroidery community.  If you had a business and a tax ID number, we’d love to sell you all the thread you wanted to buy.  If you were a home sewer,  however, our agreement prohibited us from selling you thread.  That was the agreement we reached, and the one by which we abide.

In order to make sure that we are keeping within the boundaries of our agreement, we call all first time customers who purchase mini cones of Iris thread from us to ensure that they have the necessary Tax ID number and that we can sell to them without violating the agreement that has been made.   If you order from us, you’ll only receive a call the first time you order.  This requirement also won’t impede the order process in any way.  It’s simply one quick phone call that allows us to make sure we’re living up to the promises we made.

After all, you wouldn’t want to do business with a company that did any thing else.

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26th May 2009

New Category: Website Workshop

website-designOne of the things that we work hard to do here at EnMart is to educate.  We have over 30 years of embroidery experience and we work to share that with you through this blog, through our web site and even through the products that we offer for sale.  We also attempt to share with you all the lessons we have learned as we’ve built companies from the ground up.  Just like a lot of you, we have started companies from scratch and worked to make them grow.  Over the years we’ve learned a lot of lessons about the right way to build a company, and a few of the wrong ways as well.

In the past I have also occasionally written about what we’ve learned about online marketing or selling with a web site as part of our educational  posts. I’ve never, however,  sat down and done a series on the subject.  Today a lovely friend from Twitter, RetailMinded, made a suggestion that I do just that.  I thought it was a great suggestion, and decided to take her up on it.

I’ve created a new category for this blog, Website Workshop.  In this category will go all the posts about how to build a website, how online retail works, and what you need to consider before and after you build a website of your own.  I will also be soliciting guest posts from our IT Director,  and from other experts in web site design.  My goal is to create a sort of how to section for people who are starting from scratch with creating a web site, and for people who have a site but want some ideas about how to make it better.

If you have questions about any aspect of web design, please leave them for us here in the comments, or leave a comment for us on the EnMart Twitter feed.   I’m looking forward to this series, I think it will be helpful and educational and that we all will learn some things we didn’t know.   Stay tuned, the first post in this series, “Research” will appear later this week.

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21st May 2009

On Account and Revised Checkout

We all probably have the same visual.  Someone walks into a store and makes a purchase.   As they’re walking out of the store with their shiny new whatever, they throw back over their shoulder “Just put it on my account”.  The smiling shopkeeper, who I always picture as wearing rimless glasses and an apron (I think I watched too much Little House on the Prairie as a kid) makes a note in a book and the transaction is over in seconds.  It’s quick and easy.

EnMart is all about making things quick and easy for our clients.   That’s why we’ve added the option of purchasing on account to our web site.   You can find our policy on setting up accounts on this page under the heading “Accounts”.   Anyone who wishes to set up an account needs to be doing a certain level of business with EnMart and should have at least a couple orders worth of shopping history with us.   EnMart does require the completion of a credit application in order for a customer to be considered for an account.   Decisions on account status are made on a case by case basis and this status can be granted or revoked at EnMart’s discretion.

Because we’ve added the “on account” option, we’ve also revised our checkout process.  Previously it was one page, but we’ve now split it up into smaller sections to make it easier to find the information you need.   The “On Account” option will be under the billing information page.  If you have an account with EnMart, just enter a P.O. Number and your account number, and select the purchase order option from the pull down menu.  That’s all you have to do.

Please keep in mind that selecting the Purchase Order option if you do not have an account with EnMart may result in your order being cancelled.  Account status must be granted by EnMart.  If you have not undergone the process of being approved for an account, you should purchase your orders with a credit card.  This is the best way to ensure a smooth ordering process and to make sure your order is shipped in a timely fashion.

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20th May 2009

An FAQ About Blanks

circle-and-oval-blanksSince blank patches are one of our most popular products, I thought today might be a good time to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about our blanks.  If you have a question I haven’t answered here, please leave it in the comments or contact us to ask.  We’ll be happy to help.

Q1:  What fabric are your blanks made of?

Our blanks are made of 100% polyester fabric.   This fabric is tough enough to stand up to industrial grade washing and drying.

Q2:  What are your standard color choices?

Our standard fabric color choice is white.  Our standard border colors are Red, White, Black, Navy, Rental Blue, Kelly Green and Gold.

Q3: Can I get blanks in other colors?

We have a wide variety of merrow and fabric colors available for a small upcharge.  Download this PDF to see our entire range of color choices.

Q4:  In the pictures on your site, the blanks have rounded corners.  Can I get blanks with squared corners?

Our standard blanks comes with penny round corners.   We can create blanks with squared corners in some sizes, but that is a special request and currently cannot be ordered through the web site.  If you need blanks with squared corners, call EnMart Customer Service at 1-866-516-1300 and we’ll be glad to take your order.

Q5:  Is there a minimum order for blanks?

The minimum order for blanks is 10 pieces.

Q6:  I would like to embroider the blanks I buy myself.  How do I embroider a single blank patch?

Embroidering single blank patches is quite simple.  We’ve created a step by step instruction guide which will walk you through the process.

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18th May 2009

Let’s Have a Chat

live-helpphpLast week I mentioned that EnMart was working on adding some new contact methods to our web site.   One method was Skype, and another method, which was still a work in progress, was live chat.  I’m pleased to announce that live chat is now operational.

If you look at the left hand navigation on our site, you’ll see that there is now a box at the bottom of the menu that says “Click for Live Help”.  If you click that box you will be taken to a chat screen where you can connect in real time with an EnMart customer service representative.  If you have a question about anything, you can now contact someone immediately, while you’re right there on the site, and get your question answered.

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with live chat, but if you’re not, here are the basics.  When you click the live help icon, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be asked to enter your name and question.  Once you’ve done that and clicked “send” the question will be sent to an EnMart customer service rep. They’ll type an answer back and you will proceed back and forth until your question has been answered to your satisfaction.  Answers will be delivered in real time.

If you have a question, you now have an additional way to contact EnMart and get the answer you need.  You may now contact us via snail mail, e-mail, telephone, Skype and live chat and, of course, this blog.  Please feel free to use any of those methods to get in touch with us.  We want to hear what you have to say.

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13th May 2009

How to Contact EnMart

customerserviceThose of you who read this blog on a regular basis probably already know that I’m a big stickler about companies having available contact information.  I feel having contact information that is accurate and gives multiple methods of contact is so important that I’ve devoted a specific post to it.  This issue is also something I stress regularly with our IT Department, who is so brilliant and marvelous that they keep finding new ways for us to stay in touch with our customers.   Today, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about two of the latest.

One new contact method is through Skype.  EnMart has been using Skype for international calls for a while, and we’re now expanding into using it for domestic calling as well.   Since Skype is now in use,  we have implemented a Skype contact initiative for our customer service personnel.  If you look at the bottom of any page of our web site, you’ll see small green buttons you can click which will connect you to our customer service personnel via Skype.   Elaine and Diane are both very knowledgeable and helpful, so please do call them if you have any questions.  You can also contact me through Skype.  Just click the button that says Skype Call Kristine if you have any Marketing questions, and you’ll be connected to me.

In addition to adding Skype, and our other methods of contact information, EnMart is also working on adding a live chat feature to our site.  This will give you the ability to contact our customer service staff if you have a question and don’t wish to call or e-mail us.  Live chat should be available in the next few weeks.  When that service goes online, I will be sure and let everyone know.

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12th May 2009

Buying in Bulk Saves Bucks

thread-clippersnbIn our current economic climate, every dollar you can save is a benefit.  EnMart is always looking for ways to provide value for our customers, and one way we’ve discovered is bulk pricing. This, obviously, isn’t a new concept, but it is one that can help you save cash while purchasing the supplies you need to run your business.  It’s a win-win scenario, you get the supplies you need at a better price, and we get a happy customer.   Let’s take a look at some of the items that are now offered with bulk pricing.

One item is our DBxK5 Embroidery Machine Needles.  These needles are sold in packs of 10 with price breaks at 2 packs (20 needles) and 10 packs (100 needles).  All our needles, with the exception of our metallic embroidery needles are Schmetz needles.  Our metallic embroidery needles are manufactured by Organ.

Our HI-10 bobbins and our bobbin cases are now also available with bulk pricing. Price breaks for our popular style white Hi-10 bobbins are now available at 12 boxes and at 30 boxes.  There is also bulk pricing available for our  black style L HI-10 bobbins and our style M Hi-10 bobbins.   Our HI-10 bobbins are the bobbins we use in all our plants, so we know they’re a quality product.

If you take a look around our site, you might notice that many of our accessories are now offered with bulk pricing. Our tweezers, thread clips, and lint brushes can now be bought at reduced prices if you buy in bulk.    We also offer bulk pricing on our Zoom Spout Oiler and all our Sprayway products.

Buying in bulk is a great way to get the supplies you need while saving money.   If you would like to purchase in bigger quantities than those listed on our site, we may be open to further price breaks for larger orders.   If you have a need for a larger quantity and would like to inquire about a price break, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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11th May 2009

Heat Presses, Ntrans and Bulk Bobbins

dk20spMay is a month of specials at EnMart!

In addition to our special on bobbins and our special on bobbins and black and white thread, we are also offering special pricing on our Geo.  Knight heat presses this month.  Until the end of May, our DK20S 16 x 20 Manual Swinger Heat Press and our DK20SP 16 x 20 Air Operated Swinger Heat Press are on sale.   We’re selling them at prices so low, we aren’t allowed to advertise them on our site.   To see the incredible low price, just add the heat press to your cart.  We can tell you this sale price is a substantial savings off the normal prices of these presses.  If you’ve been looking for a heat press, now is the time to buy.

While you’re checking out the low, low prices on two of our most popular heat press models, you should also take a look at our bobbin prices.  EnMart has also increased the amount you can save when buying our Hi-10 bobbins in bulk.   As of today, buying 30 boxes of bobbins, which equals a case, will allow you to purchase each box of bobbins at the bargain price of $19.99 per box.   If you’re looking for a substantial savings on bobbins, stock up now while these bargain prices are still available.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quality screenprint transfer, we wanted to remind everyone about Ntrans.   EnMart has now added a video on our site which shows in detail how the Ntrans process works.   If you’ve been wondering how Ntrans would work for your business,  you can now see first hand how easy these transfers are to apply, and how amazing they look on finished garments.

So far, May has been an exciting month at EnMart, and there’s more to come.  If you want to keep up to date on everything that’s happening,  make sure to keep an eye on this blog.  Those who don’t already receive our NewsBites and sale and special e-mails, may also want to add themselves to our mailing list.  If you would like to be added to the list, simply contact us and request that we add your name and e-mail.   We don’t want anyone to miss out on these great opportunities, so we’ll be glad to add you to the list.

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6th May 2009

May Specials From EnMart

blackwhitebobbinskit-smallThis May, EnMart is all about the bobbins.  Our Style L HI-10 Bobbins specifically.  We know these bobbins are great because our parent company uses them in all of our plants.   Since our five plants turn out a lot of direct embroidery and embroidered blanks in the course of a year,  we’ve had ample opportunity to test these bobbins.  Believe me, if they weren’t up to our standards, our operators would be letting us know.

This May we have created two special offers involving our bobbins.  The first involves just the bobbins themselves.  In May, you can get a box of our white Hi-10 Style L Filament Polyester Bobbins (144/box) for just $20.95 per box.  That’s a savings of $6.00 off the regular price.    If you want to buy in bulk, you can purchase 12 boxes for the low price of $251.40, which is $39.60 off the regular bulk price.   This special will only last through the end of May, so take advantage of these great prices on our Hi-10 Bobbins now.

Our second special involves our Hi-10 Bobbins and our Iris Polyester Thread. This combination is part of our BASICS series.  The BASICS Series is a group of kits designed for those who are starting out with embroidery, or who need some simple items at reasonable prices.  Our first kit includes our Hi-10 bobbins and one 5500 yard cone each of our Iris polyester thread in black and white.   Buying these items together brings you a 17% discount off the cost of buying each item separately.  This is a great opportunity to stock up on the basics, thread and bobbins, which every machine embroiderer needs.   This special also ends when May ends, so stock up on our Starter Kit #1 while there’s still time.

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5th May 2009

5 Reasons to Comment on the EnMart Blog


This blog is one of the ways we communicate with our customers, but lately the conversation has been mostly one way.  We’ve been talking, but you guys haven’t been saying much in response.  Now I know everyone is busy, and I know that leaving a comment takes a bit more time than simply stopping by to read a post, but there are some advantages to talking to us here on the EmbroideryTalk Blog.  Today, I thought I’d highlight the Top 5 Reasons we think leaving a comment here is a good idea.

Reason 1: We Listen –  If you have a issue you’d like to address or there is an item you’d like to see EnMart offer, the blog is a great place to let us know.   We do act on suggestions we receive from our customers.

Reason 2: We Answer –  Maybe you have a question about an EnMart product.  Perhaps you need advice on some aspect of your business.  EnMart has access to embroidery experts and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just leave your question in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.

Reason 3:  It’s Easy –  EnMart does not require a log in to leave a comment.  Simply click the Comments line at the bottom of any post, and you’ll be taken to the screen where you can leave a comment.  Type your comment, click “Submit Comment” and you’re done.

Reason 4:  It Generates Traffic –  If you have a blog or a web site yourself, you know that quality links are like gold.  Leaving a substantive comment is a great way to generate links and to get your web site or blog out in front of a wider community.

Reason 5:  You Have Influence – A lot of companies may say they care what you think, but they don’t give you any way to express your opinion.  At EnMart, we not only care what you think, we encourage you to tell us.  You have the power to influence our policies, our product offerings and the way our company works.  We are offering you a voice.  All you have to do is use it.

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