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Blank Patch Embroidery: Step by Step Instructions

28th April 2009

Blank Patch Embroidery: Step by Step Instructions

One of the questions that we get asked most often is how to embroider a single blank patch.  Since we sell blank patches, it would make sense that we would get asked this question and over the two years of EnMart’s existence, we’ve worked to develop a satisfactory answer.  Quite frankly, our parent company, Ensign Emblem, which makes the blank patches, never embroiders one patch at a time.  We’re more likely to do hundreds at a time.  Still, we do have a lot of embroidery experts here, so we put our heads together and created a set of instructions for embroidering our patches.

The good news is the process is quite easy.  Our instruction sheet only has six steps, from selecting your blanks to taking your finished patch off the machine.  We also offer all the supplies you need to embroider your patch, from the Peel and Stick backing you use to secure the patch to the embroidery machine you use to embroider the patch.  We even offer heat presses if you need to seal your embroidered patch to the garment.   It probably  goes without saying that we’d be happy to supply the thread you use to embroider the patch as well.

In addition to blank patches, EnMart is working on adding sublimated patches to our store and, eventually, custom embroidered patches as well.  We are also contemplating adding the supplies necessary to make patches from scratch, like the fabric and the heat seal backing.  While we’d love to supply all your blank patch needs, we do recognize that some people like to do it themselves. Whatever your needs when it comes to blank emblems, EnMart is dedicated to being your supplier.

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