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The Nearest Location

21st April 2009

The Nearest Location

As many of you may already know,  EnMart has three locations from which we can ship product.  Our goal is always to ship from the closest location to whomever has placed the order, and in most cases that is possible.  Occasionally, however, an item is out of stock and the order needs to be shipped from an alternate location.

In those cases, our policy is to avoid splitting orders.  Split orders result in multiple shipping charges, and more opportunities for items to be lost in transit.  Because our goal is always to give the best service to our customers,  we ship the order from the nearest location that can ship it complete.   This avoids an increased shipping charge and allows us to fill the order completely.

EnMart’s aim is to have warehouse space convenient to all regions of the United States and Canada.  In addition to our current locations in New Jersey, Nevada and Michigan, there are plans for a potential fourth warehouse in Georgia, to open this year.  We understand that one day Ground Shipping and, in some cases, the ability to pick up your order in person, are wonderful conveniences, and we want to extend those conveniences to as many of our customers as possible.  Our first and main goal will always be to provide you the best and most economical service we can, and all decisions we make regarding shipping orders and stocking warehouse locations are made with that goal in mind.

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