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A Few Small Changes

16th April 2009

A Few Small Changes

I just wanted to take a moment to point out that a few small changes have been made to the EnMart store.  The biggest change is the menu.  We have rearranged some of the categories so that the menu will be easier to read, regardless of the size of your monitor.  We’ve also combined the our thread and thread related products under one menu item, Thread, Racks and Charts.

Once you click this menu item, you will be led to a landing page which lists the categories of thread products we offer.  Machine Embroidery  contains all the Iris thread and thread related products.  Merrow Floss lists all our Iris merrow floss colors.  Monofilament Nylon lists our monofilament thread.  Finally, MyThreadBox leads you to the downloadable MyThreadBox for Iris software, or the full software which can be purchased from our site.

This updated menu is the first of several changes that will be made to the site over the next few weeks.  We’ll be revamping and rewriting pages, adding new products, cleaning out some product categories, and adding new pictures and product descriptions.  We ask you all to be patient with our dust and noise while we’re remodeling.  We promise the new site will be worth your patience.

If you have any questions or comments about the changes we’re making, or if you’d like to suggest a new product we should add to our store, please leave a comment here, or contact us with your suggestion.

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