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Why “Serving” the Customer Matters

10th April 2009

Why “Serving” the Customer Matters

Last night I stopped at the local gas station on the way home.  When I went to pay the clerk was outside the door having a cigarette.  I had to walk right past him to go inside to pay.  As I walked past him, he said something along the lines of “I’ll be right with you”.   I went inside, he continued to stay outside and smoke.  Finally, after I stood at the counter and waited for a bit, he came in, rang up my sale, and I was on my way.  As I left I saw that he was back outside,  and other customers were walking past him to go inside to make purchases.   It was a perfect example of bad customer service in action.  It also was enough, since this sort of service has happened at this location before, to make me think next time I’ll drive a little further and go somewhere that values my business and takes care of me promptly.   That clerk’s lack of attentiveness to the company’s customers cost them at least one customer and maybe more.

I understand that clerks and salespeople and customer service representatives need breaks, and I certainly wouldn’t begrudge them those breaks.  I also understand that it can be tough to cover everything when you’re the only one working a shift.  Most customers would understand that, and would make allowances when necessary.   Where the wheels fall off the wagon is when the customer service reps simply don’t care.  We’ve all experienced it, and it used to be a lot of us would put up with it, but that attitude is starting to change.

With the economy in its current state, the customers are back in charge and a lot of them are starting to revolt against poor service.  Dollars are precious, and customers want and expect to be treated well if they choose to spend some of their dollars with a particular business.  While it still is about lowest price, it’s also about how customers get treated.  Let’s face it, almost everyone is touting their lowest prices now.  What sets a company apart is what they have to offer besides price.

At EnMart we believe not just in good customer service, but in giving the best possible service we can give.  That’s why we answer phone calls on the first or second ring.  That’s why we reply to e-mail inquiries as quickly as possible.  Our commitment to customer service is why our inventory expands due to requests from our customers.  We know if we don’t delight you, someone else will, so our goal is to get you what you need when you need it, each time, every time.

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