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Selling Individuality

8th April 2009

Selling Individuality

When I was a kid I owned several items that my grandmother had embroidered for me.  Before I got to that awkward teenage stage where wearing anything homemade was pretty much the most embarrassing thing ever,  I used to love wearing things that either had my name on them, or had a design that was created based on something I liked.  It made the clothes seem more personal and more special.   It also made what I was wearing unique.

Personalization can be as simple as a monogram or can be much more elaborate, incorporating a design that has some significance to the person who will be wearing the clothes.  Not all personalization jobs are one offs either.  A lot of teams look for names to be embroidered on team shirts, which allows for a sense of individuality and a dose of team spirit all at the same time.   With the exception of the few teenage years when wearing the “right” clothes and fitting in is the all important goal, most people like to stand out a little and to express what makes them unique.  Embroidered garments that express an individual’s personality are a great way to do that.

The next time someone comes into your shop, focus on selling them individuality, not just embroidery.  Skill is necessary, quality control is vital, and good customer service is a must, but what will set your shop apart is focusing on what makes this customer unique and special and allowing that to shine.

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