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Keep Your Customers Coming Back

30th April 2009

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

There are a lot of things I like about my job, but one of the best things is getting an order and seeing that it’s from a customer who’s purchased from us before.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all orders, what person who sells things wouldn’t, but there’s something special about seeing a company name I recognize.  As Sally Fields would say, seeing a repeat order means “they like us, they really like us” and that makes me feel good.  We work hard to give our customers the best product and service possible, and repeat orders are a great confirmation that we’re doing the right things in the right way.

If you’re looking to beef up your customer satisfaction scores, or if you just want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make your customers happy, here are three things we always do that help us keep our customers coming back.

Respond promptly –  I’m always amazed when someone expresses surprise when we respond within minutes to a phone call or an e-mail.  Apparently a quick response isn’t the norm anymore.   We always respond as quickly as we can to all inquiries we receive.  Our customers deserve the respect of a prompt answer and nothing we do is more important than getting them the information they need.

Always get better –  If you look at the front page of our store right now, you’ll see a little note headed “Please Excuse our Dust”.  That is just a notice so people will be aware we’re in the process of revamping our website.  We constantly tinker with our product offerings and our presentation of those offerings.  We want to offer the best products on the best website, and we’re willing to spend the time and effort necessary to make that happen.  Good enough is never good enough for us.  EnMart is always a work in progress.

Say thank you (and mean it) –  “Thank you for your business” or “we appreciate your business” have become such cliche sayings that they almost don’t mean anything anymore.   A real thank you has to be something more than a phrase written on the bottom of an invoice, or uttered by rote by a bored employee.  Last year we called every customer who placed an order with us to thank them for their business.  We also call everyone who visits us at a trade show.  We want to let people know that we appreciate not just their business, but their interest in EnMart and our products.

Good customer service doesn’t have to be difficult to do or require a lot of flashy gimmicks.  Mostly, good customer service just needs to be sincere and it needs to be of service to the customer.  If you can find out what your customer wants and needs and provide that to them, you’ll be offering the best customer service there available, and your sales will reflect that.

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28th April 2009

Blank Patch Embroidery: Step by Step Instructions

One of the questions that we get asked most often is how to embroider a single blank patch.  Since we sell blank patches, it would make sense that we would get asked this question and over the two years of EnMart’s existence, we’ve worked to develop a satisfactory answer.  Quite frankly, our parent company, Ensign Emblem, which makes the blank patches, never embroiders one patch at a time.  We’re more likely to do hundreds at a time.  Still, we do have a lot of embroidery experts here, so we put our heads together and created a set of instructions for embroidering our patches.

The good news is the process is quite easy.  Our instruction sheet only has six steps, from selecting your blanks to taking your finished patch off the machine.  We also offer all the supplies you need to embroider your patch, from the Peel and Stick backing you use to secure the patch to the embroidery machine you use to embroider the patch.  We even offer heat presses if you need to seal your embroidered patch to the garment.   It probably  goes without saying that we’d be happy to supply the thread you use to embroider the patch as well.

In addition to blank patches, EnMart is working on adding sublimated patches to our store and, eventually, custom embroidered patches as well.  We are also contemplating adding the supplies necessary to make patches from scratch, like the fabric and the heat seal backing.  While we’d love to supply all your blank patch needs, we do recognize that some people like to do it themselves. Whatever your needs when it comes to blank emblems, EnMart is dedicated to being your supplier.

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22nd April 2009

Thread, Racks, Charts

If you’ve visited our site lately, you may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes.  We keep updating the site in an effort to provide the best shopping experience we can for our visitors.  One thing we’re working on is making it easier to find what you need when you visit our store.  For that reason, we’ve combined all our thread and thread related products into one landing page, so you can easily find what you need with one click of your mouse.

When you visit the Thread,Racks, Charts section of our site, you’ll see four further menu options.  Machine Embroidery takes you to our Iris Machine Embroidery Thread and our thread related accessories.  Merrow Floss takes you to the page from which you can purchase our Iris Merrow Floss.  The Monofilament Nylon option allows the purchase of monofilament thread.  MyThreadBox leads you to thread conversion software, which can be purchased and installed on your computer.

The Machine Embroidery Section feature our polyester and rayon thread in both 5500 yd cones and 1100 yd mini cones.  You can also find links for our metallic embroidery thread  and our polyester variegated thread. Our thread kits (a great value) and our thread charts are also listed in this section.

As always, we love to hear our customers’ opinions about our updates to the site.  If you have an opinion you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments section, or contact us and let us know what you think.

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21st April 2009

The Nearest Location

As many of you may already know,  EnMart has three locations from which we can ship product.  Our goal is always to ship from the closest location to whomever has placed the order, and in most cases that is possible.  Occasionally, however, an item is out of stock and the order needs to be shipped from an alternate location.

In those cases, our policy is to avoid splitting orders.  Split orders result in multiple shipping charges, and more opportunities for items to be lost in transit.  Because our goal is always to give the best service to our customers,  we ship the order from the nearest location that can ship it complete.   This avoids an increased shipping charge and allows us to fill the order completely.

EnMart’s aim is to have warehouse space convenient to all regions of the United States and Canada.  In addition to our current locations in New Jersey, Nevada and Michigan, there are plans for a potential fourth warehouse in Georgia, to open this year.  We understand that one day Ground Shipping and, in some cases, the ability to pick up your order in person, are wonderful conveniences, and we want to extend those conveniences to as many of our customers as possible.  Our first and main goal will always be to provide you the best and most economical service we can, and all decisions we make regarding shipping orders and stocking warehouse locations are made with that goal in mind.

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16th April 2009

A Few Small Changes

I just wanted to take a moment to point out that a few small changes have been made to the EnMart store.  The biggest change is the menu.  We have rearranged some of the categories so that the menu will be easier to read, regardless of the size of your monitor.  We’ve also combined the our thread and thread related products under one menu item, Thread, Racks and Charts.

Once you click this menu item, you will be led to a landing page which lists the categories of thread products we offer.  Machine Embroidery  contains all the Iris thread and thread related products.  Merrow Floss lists all our Iris merrow floss colors.  Monofilament Nylon lists our monofilament thread.  Finally, MyThreadBox leads you to the downloadable MyThreadBox for Iris software, or the full software which can be purchased from our site.

This updated menu is the first of several changes that will be made to the site over the next few weeks.  We’ll be revamping and rewriting pages, adding new products, cleaning out some product categories, and adding new pictures and product descriptions.  We ask you all to be patient with our dust and noise while we’re remodeling.  We promise the new site will be worth your patience.

If you have any questions or comments about the changes we’re making, or if you’d like to suggest a new product we should add to our store, please leave a comment here, or contact us with your suggestion.

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15th April 2009

Save Time and Money with Ntrans

Summer is coming and with the season comes all the great jobs the screen printers and embroiderers love so much.  Maybe it’s a bunch of shirts for a summer camp, or for a vacation Bible school.   Perhaps you’ve been asked to do the shirts for a large family or class reunion.  The possibilities are endless and, sometimes, so is the work.  In today’s economic climate, everyone is working on ways to reduce costs and save on time.  If you offer screen printed garments to your customers, EnMart has a product that can help you do just that.

Ntrans transfers are a unique screen print transfer available only from EnMart.   Designed specifically for garment decorators by garment decorators, Ntrans offers  a clarity and depth of color that other screen print transfers just can’t match.  Our transfers also adhere smoothly to the fabric, creating a design that is more comfortable to wear, and much more resistant to cracking, peeling and fading than most transfers.

EnMart’s Ntrans tranfers can be used anywhere on a garment that an emblem, direct embroidery or screen print can be used.  There are no limitations on the colors that can be used in the design.   The transfers do work best on 100% cotton fabric, although cotton/poly blends will work as well.  The fabric on which the transfer will be placed needs to be able to stand up to heat, since the transfers will be sealed to the garment with a heat press.

Ntrans transfers allow you to add screen printed designs to your garments without having to create the designs yourself.  Instead of creating screens and laying down colors, you simply press the transfer to the garment, let it cool, peel back the paper and your done.  If you need multiple copies of the same design, NTrans can help you save on supplies and labor costs.   You can also save on inventory costs, since you only need to stock the garments you’re going to use.  Since Ntrans can be quickly and easily applied, you don’t have to have a stock of shirts already created in case of a last minute order.

Placing an order  for Ntrans is easy.  Simply go to the EnMart store and follow the instructions.  Turnaround time for transfer orders can be as little as three days, depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the order.

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10th April 2009

Why “Serving” the Customer Matters

Last night I stopped at the local gas station on the way home.  When I went to pay the clerk was outside the door having a cigarette.  I had to walk right past him to go inside to pay.  As I walked past him, he said something along the lines of “I’ll be right with you”.   I went inside, he continued to stay outside and smoke.  Finally, after I stood at the counter and waited for a bit, he came in, rang up my sale, and I was on my way.  As I left I saw that he was back outside,  and other customers were walking past him to go inside to make purchases.   It was a perfect example of bad customer service in action.  It also was enough, since this sort of service has happened at this location before, to make me think next time I’ll drive a little further and go somewhere that values my business and takes care of me promptly.   That clerk’s lack of attentiveness to the company’s customers cost them at least one customer and maybe more.

I understand that clerks and salespeople and customer service representatives need breaks, and I certainly wouldn’t begrudge them those breaks.  I also understand that it can be tough to cover everything when you’re the only one working a shift.  Most customers would understand that, and would make allowances when necessary.   Where the wheels fall off the wagon is when the customer service reps simply don’t care.  We’ve all experienced it, and it used to be a lot of us would put up with it, but that attitude is starting to change.

With the economy in its current state, the customers are back in charge and a lot of them are starting to revolt against poor service.  Dollars are precious, and customers want and expect to be treated well if they choose to spend some of their dollars with a particular business.  While it still is about lowest price, it’s also about how customers get treated.  Let’s face it, almost everyone is touting their lowest prices now.  What sets a company apart is what they have to offer besides price.

At EnMart we believe not just in good customer service, but in giving the best possible service we can give.  That’s why we answer phone calls on the first or second ring.  That’s why we reply to e-mail inquiries as quickly as possible.  Our commitment to customer service is why our inventory expands due to requests from our customers.  We know if we don’t delight you, someone else will, so our goal is to get you what you need when you need it, each time, every time.

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8th April 2009

Selling Individuality

When I was a kid I owned several items that my grandmother had embroidered for me.  Before I got to that awkward teenage stage where wearing anything homemade was pretty much the most embarrassing thing ever,  I used to love wearing things that either had my name on them, or had a design that was created based on something I liked.  It made the clothes seem more personal and more special.   It also made what I was wearing unique.

Personalization can be as simple as a monogram or can be much more elaborate, incorporating a design that has some significance to the person who will be wearing the clothes.  Not all personalization jobs are one offs either.  A lot of teams look for names to be embroidered on team shirts, which allows for a sense of individuality and a dose of team spirit all at the same time.   With the exception of the few teenage years when wearing the “right” clothes and fitting in is the all important goal, most people like to stand out a little and to express what makes them unique.  Embroidered garments that express an individual’s personality are a great way to do that.

The next time someone comes into your shop, focus on selling them individuality, not just embroidery.  Skill is necessary, quality control is vital, and good customer service is a must, but what will set your shop apart is focusing on what makes this customer unique and special and allowing that to shine.

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7th April 2009

Variegated Polyester Thread

EnMart is proud to announce that we have now added variegated polyester thread to our product offerings.  This thread, called Variations, is 2 ply trilobal polyester.   It features 1 inch color breaks and comes in 1100 yd mini cones.  We currently offer this variegated thread in 24 different shades.

We are also working on some new thread palettes which will feature Variations thread as an accent thread.   Variegated thread is a great way to add interest to your embroidered pieces.  The variegated color changes add dimension to your designs and bring an added warmth to the colors you choose to use. Variations thread also harmonizes nicely with the Iris polyester thread included in our thread palettes.

If you’re looking for some designs that use variegated thread, here are a few web sites where you can find information that may be of help.

Designs in Stitches – Variegated Thread Stitchouts

Needle Passion Embroidery – The Feather Designs

Sew Teri-Fic Designs – Creepy Crawlies

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