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3 Tips for Making Your Company “Green”

24th March 2009

3 Tips for Making Your Company “Green”

Being environmentally friendly and promoting conservation and the wise use of resources has become a big trend among businesses lately.  Although a study done in 2008 showed that only 27% of Americans actively cared if a company had ecologically sound practices, the same study showed that consumers won’t cut much slack or give much business to companies that are conspicuously polluting of being ecologically unfriendly.  Clearly your corporate actions do matter.

If you’re interested in adding some eco-friendly improvements to your business, here are some things you can do quickly and easily.  Any or all of them can make a difference in your company’s environmental impact.

  1. Examine your packaging – Recycle boxes.  Ask your customers if they would mind receiving their order in a recycled box.  EnMart is currently contemplating adding this option to our web site.  It cuts down on waste and can save your company money.   Things like cornstarch peanuts instead of styrofoam peanuts can help too.  Cornstarch is biodegradable and non-toxic.  Cornstarch packing peanuts can be purchased for just a few cents more than regular packing peanuts.
  2.  Recycle - We go through a lot of paper hear at EnMart.  We’ve done a couple of things to try and reduce our paper consumption.  One thing we do is try to scan, fax or e-mail everything we can.  The majority of our invoices go out via e-mail.  We are also working to put company literature, like catalogs and price sheets, on CD, so they don’t need to be printed.  EnMart also reuses waste paper.  Anything that will stay within the company, such as an order that will be filed, is printed on waste paper which would otherwise have been thrown away.  Every office saves waste paper precisely for this use.
  3. Work with other “green” companies – One of the reasons, among many, that EnMart chose to work with Hilos Iris was their environmentally friendly practices.  If companies that are working to protect the environment also work to support each other, the green movement will become more profitable and more companies will take up the cause.

Being green doesn’t require huge changes or a huge budget.  It just requires being aware, and looking for environmentally friendly ways of doing things.

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