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Embroidery Backing from EnMart

10th March 2009

Embroidery Backing from EnMart

As most embroidery professionals know, not all backings are created equal.   A quality backing can go a long way toward helping your embroidery projects turn out properly.  A cheap or flimsy backing can mean the difference between a job well done and a job that has to be done again.  For something so simple, backing can have a large effect on how your jobs go on a day to day basis.

Because our parent company, Ensign Emblem, has been doing embroidery for industrial laundries for 35 years, we understand how important backing can be to the success or failure of your jobs.   Our goal has always been to offer the best supplies and accessories to our customers that we possibly could offer.   Our method of determining what, in our opinion anyway, is the best has been by using those supplies and accessories ourselves.

When it comes to backing, EnMart has tried a number of backing types over the years.  We finally settled on backing from QST.  This manufacturer also makes and supplies the backing offered through the EnMart store.   QST has been in the business of creating construction components for embroidery for over 100 years and they supply a wide variety of products to the apparel industry, including the backing sold by EnMart.

When it comes to backing, expert embroiderers know that you can do it the cheap way or you can do it the right way.  At EnMart we believe that doing it right is more important that doing it cheaply, although we’re not against doing both if the circumstances allow it.  The backing we sell is quality backing, strong enough to get the job done while still being cost effective.

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