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New Product Additions

30th March 2009

New Product Additions

EnMart is proud to announce that we have added some additional products to the EnMart store.  In the next few months the store inventory will be changing frequently, so please keep checking back to see what’s new.  We will also alert you to new product offerings here on the EmbroideryTalk blog.

One of the new products that has been added to the store is ColorMaxx Ink.  ColorMaxx Inks are available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White, and can be used on 100% cotton garments, or on garments up to a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. See our Ink FAQ’s for more information about suitable materials for printing. We also offer PreTreat and CleanJet cleaning solution.   You can also find direct to garment printing accessories in the EnMart store.

EnMart has also added some new sizes and shapes of blank patches to the EnMart store.   The additional sizes and shapes were added after examining blank orders over the past year.  The new additions are the sizes and shapes that you have ordered most often, which previously could not be ordered from the web site. It made sense to add them to the existing web site inventory so you can order them quickly and easily whenever you wish to do so.  As a reminder, EnMart has also increased our color offerings, so you can now order a wide variety of fabric and border colors from our web site as well.

Finally, we have also added merrow floss to our web site.   Iris Merrow floss is perfect for creating borders for patches.   Our merrow floss is available in 17 colors.

EnMart is always open to suggestions for products we should carry in our store.  If you know of a product you think would be a useful addition to the EnMart store, please leave a comment for us and let us know.  Our product offerings will be expanding regularly, so keep an eye on this blog and our web site for the latest updates.

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25th March 2009

Helping Your Business Survive a Recession

Some people won’t even say the “R” word.  Some people won’t stop saying it, particularly if they’re in the news media.  Whether you believe our country is in a full blown recession or not,  the fact is that things are tough out there for a lot of businesses right now.   The businesses that survive are the ones that can adapt their strategy to suit the times,  and those that can find creative ways to help their business grow.  If you’ve been looking for a few ideas on ways your business can grow, even in a down economy,  EnMart has a few suggestions.

Diversify –  Offer something your competitors can’t, or won’t, offer.  Maybe it’s embroidery with a new type of thread.  Maybe you start offering screenprint transfers.  It doesn’t have to be a big expensive item, it just has to be something new that your potential customers can’t get anywhere else.  Diversity is one of the keys to business success.  The more products and services you offer, the more potential streams of revenue you have.

Help Your Fellow Business Owners – Some business owners have had success with group advertisements or hosting a theme shopping day.  Other groups might band together for referrals.  Always be ready and willing to promote another business in your area.  Hopefully, they will be equally willing to promote you, and you’ll gain access to their pool of customers as well as your own.

Keep Advertising –  Studies have shown that businesses that advertise during a recession end up with more business than ever when the economy picks up.  Many businesses stop advertising when things get tight, so those who do advertise face much less interference with their messages.  Do everything you can to get and keep your name out there, and don’t forget low cost methods like press releases, forums and social media sites, and word of mouth.

Let Your Customers Know You Appreciate Them –  Most people will tell you that it often seems like good customer service is a thing of the past.  Customers are also feeling the pinch, and they need to know that your business appreciates the money they spend with you.  Make sure your customer service is responsive and genuine and let your customers know often that you appreciate their business.  Customers who feel appreciated are customers who are likely to spend again.

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24th March 2009

3 Tips for Making Your Company “Green”

Being environmentally friendly and promoting conservation and the wise use of resources has become a big trend among businesses lately.  Although a study done in 2008 showed that only 27% of Americans actively cared if a company had ecologically sound practices, the same study showed that consumers won’t cut much slack or give much business to companies that are conspicuously polluting of being ecologically unfriendly.  Clearly your corporate actions do matter.

If you’re interested in adding some eco-friendly improvements to your business, here are some things you can do quickly and easily.  Any or all of them can make a difference in your company’s environmental impact.

  1. Examine your packaging – Recycle boxes.  Ask your customers if they would mind receiving their order in a recycled box.  EnMart is currently contemplating adding this option to our web site.  It cuts down on waste and can save your company money.   Things like cornstarch peanuts instead of styrofoam peanuts can help too.  Cornstarch is biodegradable and non-toxic.  Cornstarch packing peanuts can be purchased for just a few cents more than regular packing peanuts.
  2.  Recycle - We go through a lot of paper hear at EnMart.  We’ve done a couple of things to try and reduce our paper consumption.  One thing we do is try to scan, fax or e-mail everything we can.  The majority of our invoices go out via e-mail.  We are also working to put company literature, like catalogs and price sheets, on CD, so they don’t need to be printed.  EnMart also reuses waste paper.  Anything that will stay within the company, such as an order that will be filed, is printed on waste paper which would otherwise have been thrown away.  Every office saves waste paper precisely for this use.
  3. Work with other “green” companies – One of the reasons, among many, that EnMart chose to work with Hilos Iris was their environmentally friendly practices.  If companies that are working to protect the environment also work to support each other, the green movement will become more profitable and more companies will take up the cause.

Being green doesn’t require huge changes or a huge budget.  It just requires being aware, and looking for environmentally friendly ways of doing things.

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17th March 2009

Thank You Atlantic City! We Had A Great Time

We just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you to everyone who visited us in Atlantic City.  We were so pleased to be able to meet with so many of you and to be able to show you what EnMart can offer.  Some of the highlights of our booth included the Meistergram machines and, of course, the new Direct to Garment printer ink.  We’re excited about both of these new product offerings and we’re glad you are as well.

If you did meet our group in Atlantic City, we will be sending you an e-mail in the next few days to thank you for your time.  We will also be including a special offer in that e-mail that can help you save some money.  Keep your eye out for that e-mail.  You won’t want to miss it.

Finally, I wanted to say congratulations to Jenny Internoscia from All About Me Embroidery.  She was the winner of a Best 50 Kit in our Atlantic City giveaway.   Because the response to the giveaway was so overwhelming,  we also had a drawing for a second prize, a Best 24 Kit.  The winner of the Best 24 Kit is Black River Embroidery, LLC.  Congratulations to both of you, and we will be shipping your prizes to you shortly.

ISS Atlantic City was great fun this year, and the staff that manned our booth got to meet a lot of interesting people.  If you took the time to stop by and see us, we’d like to thank you for your time and for your interest in EnMart.  If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us.

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11th March 2009

Presentation Matters

I’m the Director of Marketing for this company.  It’s my job to make sure that we present the best face to the world that we can.  I scrutinize every piece we put out, every web site we create and every blog post I write to make sure that I’m presenting our company and our products in the best light I possibly can.  Because of what I do, I’m very aware that presentation matters.  I also know that using the best products is the easiest way to get the best presentation.

Our parent company, Ensign Emblem, does machine embroidery and screenprint transfers for a specific group of companies, industrial laundries.  These are companies that create uniforms which advertise people’s businesses.  Logos that look crisp and colorful matter.  Embroidery that holds up under time and industrial washing conditions matters.  Quality construction  of emblems and transfers matters.  When you’re creating an embroidery or an emblem or a transfer that advertises someone’s business,  anything less than the best is unacceptable.

We know that you, like us, want to give your customer’s logos and designs the best treatment possible.   EnMart would like to help you do just that.  Whether you’re looking for thread that holds its color  or emblems that can stand up to repeated washings or transfers that are colorful and comfortable to wear, we have you covered.  Just stop by our store and see what EnMart has to offer.

A reminder:  EnMart is running a Spring Sports Spectacular in March.  10% off 12 colors of thread including black and white and 10% off cap backing.

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10th March 2009

Embroidery Backing from EnMart

As most embroidery professionals know, not all backings are created equal.   A quality backing can go a long way toward helping your embroidery projects turn out properly.  A cheap or flimsy backing can mean the difference between a job well done and a job that has to be done again.  For something so simple, backing can have a large effect on how your jobs go on a day to day basis.

Because our parent company, Ensign Emblem, has been doing embroidery for industrial laundries for 35 years, we understand how important backing can be to the success or failure of your jobs.   Our goal has always been to offer the best supplies and accessories to our customers that we possibly could offer.   Our method of determining what, in our opinion anyway, is the best has been by using those supplies and accessories ourselves.

When it comes to backing, EnMart has tried a number of backing types over the years.  We finally settled on backing from QST.  This manufacturer also makes and supplies the backing offered through the EnMart store.   QST has been in the business of creating construction components for embroidery for over 100 years and they supply a wide variety of products to the apparel industry, including the backing sold by EnMart.

When it comes to backing, expert embroiderers know that you can do it the cheap way or you can do it the right way.  At EnMart we believe that doing it right is more important that doing it cheaply, although we’re not against doing both if the circumstances allow it.  The backing we sell is quality backing, strong enough to get the job done while still being cost effective.

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6th March 2009

In Store Pick-Up Now Available

As many of you already know, EnMart has three locations in order to ship your embroidery supply orders more economically and efficiently.  Our main headquarters is in Traverse City, Michigan, and then we have warehouses in North Bergen, New Jersey and Reno, Nevada.  This gives us a location in the Midwest and a location on each coast.   You can see address information for all our locations on our Location page.

EnMart has now also added an “in-store pick up” option to the shipping options in our online store.  When you select this option, the order will be sent to the appropriate EnMart location and will be packed and waiting for you to come and pick it up.   There is a small $2.50 fee when you select this option, but in-store pick up is far cheaper and faster than regular shipping, so the fee is really negligible.

To opt for in-store pick up simply choose this option from the Shipping Options pull down menu.   It is on the bottom of the list of options, so make sure you scroll through the entire list.  Once you’ve made your selection, select Apply, and “in-store pick up” will be selected as your shipping method.

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5th March 2009

Join Us at ISS Atlantic City

EnMart would like to invite you to join us at ISS Atlantic City next week.   We will be debuting some new products and we have some great new things to show you and tell you about.  If you’re planning on attending the show, please do stop by booth 438 or booth 447 and see us.  If you haven’t yet heard about the show, it is March 13 – 15, 2009.

One thing we will be doing at the show is blank patch sewing demonstrations.  A lot of people have asked us about how to embroider on blank patches.  We have plans to create a video about embroidering blank patches but the time just has not been available.  In place of the patch, we thought it would be a good idea to do actual embroidering demonstrations at the show.  That way everyone who is there can see how easy it is to embroider a single patch.   We will also provide written instructions for those of you who want to try it yourself when you get back home.

If you have not yet received your passes for the show, we still have some available.  Just contact us and we’ll be glad to e-mail you a pass.

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2nd March 2009

Specials for Everyone!

I’ve decided that March will be the month of experiments.  I’m going to try offering some different sorts of specials in different places and see which gets the most response.   It’s kind of a fun way to help out our customers while also testing out some different Marketing venues.   I’ll get information and you guys will be discounts, so it’s sort of a win/win situation.

One place where I’ll be offering a discount is on Twitter.  If you’re not currently following our Twitter feed,  we’d like to invite you to do so.    Twitter is one of the places where we announce new products, offer specials and update our customers on the day to day happenings at EnMart.   We also like to share knowledge and help support the machine embroidery community,  so please do support us if you can.

This week will also mark the unveiling of our Spring Sports Spectacular.  This is a sale which will only be offered via e-mail.  If your business does any sort of embroidery or transfer work for Spring sports teams, this is a sale you definitely don’t want to miss.  Those who are currently part of our newsletter e-mail list will automatically receive notification of the Spring Sports Spectacular.  If you’re not yet part of the list, there is still time to get added.  Simply leave a comment on this post, or contact us, and we’ll be glad to add you to the list.

Finally, I thought it would be fun to create a special that was available only to those who read this blog.   If you read this blog and are planning to place an order of $40 or more, leave me a comment in the comments section.  Once you’ve commented, I’ll send you a discount code for 10% off your order.  Again, it’s a win/win, I get to see who’s reading and you get a discount code.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.  Hopefully a lot of you will be able to take advantage of the sale opportunities this month.

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