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Why Thread Weight Matters

9th February 2009

Why Thread Weight Matters

If you read any of the literature we’ve written about Iris thread, you’ll see that we often refer to it as a “true 40 weight” thread.  You may have wondered what that means and why it’s important.  Today I want to answer both those questions for you.

First, as to what being a “true 40 weight” thread  means.  The weight of a thread is based on length, not on the heaviness of the thread itself.   A thread gets the designation “40 weight” because 40 kilometers of the thread will weigh 1 kilogram.   The “weight” of the thread is determined by how many kilometers it takes to equal one kilogram.  The higher the weight number, the lighter the thread.  This means that a 50 weight thread is lighter than a 40 weight thread and so on down the scale.

Now, as to why thread weight matters.  There are a couple of reasons why thread weight is important.   One is better fill.   Fill refers to how the thread covers the fabric.  Thicker thread covers the fabric better requiring less thread to stitch out your designs.  This can save you both money and time.

Another benefit of a true 40 weight thread is fewer breaks.   A true 40 weight thread is tough, making it more likely that it will run for the length of your sew out without breaks.  If your machine tensions are adjusted to suit the thread, and if your machine has been maintained properly, your production should increase and you should go for longer stretches without having to deal with thread breaks.

Finally, a true 40 weight thread can handle arcs and curves which should result in less splitting.   A less strong thread might well split or snap  when stitching a curve or an arc.  A true 40 weight thread can handle the extra stress and should be able to stitch arcs or curves without splitting.

If you are looking fora true 40 weight thread that won’t cost you an arm and a leg,  we’d like to introduce you to Iris thread.  Available in both polyester and rayon,  it is a durable thread, with superb color and sheen. To learn more about Iris thread, and how it stacks up to the other available threads in the marketplace,  you can read our article “Iris Thread: Resetting the Benchmark“.

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