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Why Contact Information is So Important

5th February 2009

Why Contact Information is So Important

One of the things I always preach when I’m reviewing other people’s web sites is the necessity of having multiple forms on contact information and making that information easy to find.   There’s a reason why I give this advice.  Perhaps a little story will explain it best.

I’m currently trying to make a purchase from a site that sells a particular bag I want for samples for our next trade show.  The price on the bag is good and the bag fits our requirements exactly.  I’m ready and willing to give this company my money.  The only problem is that the online checkout doesn’t work, and the company only offers one form of contact information, e-mail.

Yesterday I tried to place an order twice and was stopped both times by major glitches in the checkout process.  When it failed for the second time, I tried to find contact information so I could let the company know that (1) I wanted to place an order and (2) their web site wasn’t working properly.  All I found was an e-mail address.  So I e-mailed them.  That was yesterday morning.  As of this morning, I’ve had no reply.

There’s no telephone number listed on the site so I can’t call them.  I can’t place the order so I can’t cross the task off my to do list and move on.  I’m getting more and more frustrated and it is likely that even if the company contacted me now, I’d still place my order elsewhere.

If you run a business, always make sure you give your customers multiple ways to contact you if there is a problem or if they have a question.  The best contact information is a street address for snail mail, a telephone number for phone calls and an e-mail address for e-mail inquiries.  You should also make sure that someone responds promptly to any requests or inquiries.  Making people wait for information can often result in a lost sale.

If you’re wondering where you can find EnMart contact information, it is clearly labeled on the Contact Us page of our website and is also listed on the About Us page of the online store.  We respond promptly to phone calls and e-mails and are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

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