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Thread Palettes for Every Occasion

4th February 2009

Thread Palettes for Every Occasion

EnMart thread palettes are a great way to get the thread you need for a specific theme embroidery without spending a lot of money.  Our Miscellaneous Thread Palettes provide a lot of color choices for specific events and let you get all the colors you need at a bargain price.  Let’s take a look at some of the palettes in the Miscellaneous category.

Baby Gift Thread Palette –  All the soft colors you need for monogramming that soft and cozy baby blanket or for embroidering an adorable wall hanging for the nursery.   This palette includes seven pastel threads including, of course, pink and blue.

Nautical Thread Palette –  If you do a lot of embroidery for yacht clubs or boating enthusiasts, this is the thread palette for you.   The Nautical thread palette consists of 6 colors that are most closely identified with sailing and nautical themes.

Flesh Tone Thread Palette – In a multicultural world, you need a multicultural thread palette, particularly if you embroider a lot of scenes with people in them.   This palette should allow you to create almost every skin tone.

Pastel Thread Palette –  This palette is great for embroidering designs on pretty Spring dresses, or even doing Easter designs.  The palette contains seven different threads in pastel shades.

Vibrant Thread Palette –  If you like bright, bold colors, this is the thread palette for you.  The Vibrant thread palette contains 5 neon color choices.

All thread palettes contain Iris polyester thread in 5500 yard cones.

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