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5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Embroidery Machine

2nd February 2009

5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Embroidery Machine

Your embroidery machine is probably one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your shop.   You most likely spent a substantial sum to purchase the machine and now that you have it (or them, if you have more than one) you want to get the most value for every dollar you spent.   Here are a few tips that can help you do just that.

Tip 1:Maintenance –  Make sure your machine is very well maintained.  Follow the maintenance guidelines in your manual and keep your machine oiled and free of lint and dust.   The more time you spend maintaining your machine, the longer it should run without problems or the need for a visit to a professional repairperson.  For more information on how to maintain your machine, you can visit the following sites:

Sew News

Impressions Magazine

Tip 2:  Read the Manual – Manufacturers provide instruction manuals to help you get the most from your machine.  Make sure you spend time reading through the entire manual.  Use a highlighter to mark the information that is relevant to maintenance so you can find it again later.  Most manufacturers will include a recommended maintenance schedule in their manual.

Tip 3:  Take Advantage of Training –  Many machine manufacturers will offer training on how to use their machines.  Most times the training will not be free, but often times the cost is fairly minimal.  If you are planning to use your embroidery machine for business reasons, the cost of the training may be tax deductible.

Tip 4: Visit Forums –  Some embroiderers are lucky enough to be surrounded by a local community that can provide advice.  For those who don’t have that local resource, online forums can be a great substitute.  Forums like T-Shirt Forums.com and the Stitches Magazine Social Site can be great places to share ideas and get advice.

Tip 5:  Practice, Practice, Practice –  The best way to get the most from your machine is to use it as much as you can.  Learning your machine’s quirks and getting comfortable setting it up for different jobs will help ensure that you will be able to perform quickly and efficiently when asked to stitch out a job for a paying customer.

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