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Magnetic Bobbins are Here!

24th February 2009

Magnetic Bobbins are Here!

EnMart is proud to announce that Run Rite magnetic bobbins are now available from our online store.   The price for our bobbins is the same as other major magnetic bobbins on the market, but we offer 144 bobbins per box.  So, for the same price, you get more bobbins and bobbins with better control.  Run Rite bobbins have an entire side that is a magnet offering better control and consistency than other magnetic bobbins.

If you’re looking for an economical magnetic bobbin, Run Rite bobbins should be your bobbin of choice.  Our bobbins maintain a consistent tension from your first stitch to your last, which allows you to use all the thread on your bobbin.  Using the entire bobbin with no waste will certainly save you money.   The Run Rite bobbins also help improve your embroidery’s consistency, saving you time.  As we all know, time is money, so using our bobbins can help your bottom line in several ways.

There are several reasons why Run Rite magnetic bobbins are a good buy and a great choice.  Here are a few of the main ones:

  • 44 more bobbins per gross
  • Uniform tension control and better stitch consistency
  • Fewer bobbin changes
  • Prevention of backlash and overspin

If you have any further questions about our magnetic bobbins, please feel free to contact us.   To purchase a box of Run Rite bobbins,  please visit our store.

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19th February 2009

Who Should Be on our Blogroll?

One of the things I’ve wanted to do since this blog began is create a blogroll that listed machine embroidery blogs.  For those of you who don’t know, a blogroll is something the writer of a blog creates to let readers know who else the writer reads and enjoys.  Blogs might make the list because they’re entertaining, or informative, or sometimes because of an exchange, a “we’ll put your on our blogroll if you put us on yours” kind of a thing.

Over the time this blog has existed I’ve worked to try and find blogs to add to the blogroll.  My requirements weren’t terribly stringent, but I did have a few.  In order to be added to our blogroll, the blog in question had to be:

  1. Related in some way to machine embroidery or garment decoration
  2. Well written and updated fairly regularly
  3. Useful to or entertaining for our readers

It really doesn’t seem like finding blogs to fit that criteria would be tough.  Strangely enough, the one that seems to trip me up the most is requirement number one.  I can find any number of really fabulous blogs about hand stitching and creative needlepoint projects.  They’re great, but they really don’t fit well with our subject matter.  When it comes to machine embroidery blogs, however, it appears that most machine embroiderers are too busy stitching to have time to write a blog.  I suppose that’s a good thing, but it does make creating a blogroll a bit harder to do.

All that seems to be left is throwing myself on the mercy of our readers.  While I’d like to think I know of every possible machine embroidery information source out there, I know that isn’t even remotely true.  So I’d like to ask all of you to share your resources with me.  What blogs do you read and enjoy?   You can leave a link in the comments or e-mail me and let me know who you read.  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

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18th February 2009


My mother died seven years ago this September.  One of the best mementos I have of her is a t-shirt that my late grandmother made for each member of the family back when my Dad started his river guide business.  Grandma made shirts for each of us with the name and logo of the business and our names on them.  When Mom died, I knew that one of the things I wanted was that shirt.  I don’t wear it often, but I do keep it.  Somehow it seems like it gives me a personal connection to Mom.

For those who run an embroidery business, personalization can be a great way to increase profits and bring in new customers.  Almost anything can be personalized these days.   You can embroider a blanket for a new baby.   You can embroider a monogram and personalize a travel mug.   You can embroider a name and logo to create customized company polo shirts. You can embroider coasters or compacts, totes and purses or almost any item you can name. The only limits are those of your machine and your imagination.

If you’re looking for supplies to use in your personalization efforts, EnMart can certainly help you find what you need.   We offer the Baby Gift Thread Palette for all your personalized baby gifts.    We have Metallic Embroidery Needles for embroidering that shiny monogram in metallic thread.  EnMart also offers blanks that can be used to personalize corporate wear.  Odds are, whatever you need for your personalization efforts, EnMart has it.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel like they’re special and an individual.  Creating clothing and other items that are personalized is a great way to give people that feeling while also increasing your revenue.

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12th February 2009

Don’t Worry, We Know.

They say that the only way to truly understand someone else is to walk a mile in their shoes.  In the case of EnMart we, or our parent company anyway, has been walking in the shoes of machine embroiderers for over 30 years.  We understand the pain of switching thread suppliers because we’ve done it.  We know the importance of keeping your machines maintained because we have to keep ours maintained.  We know the difference a quality thread and backing can make because we’ve tested a lot of thread and backing.

There are a lot of embroidery supply companies out there, and any one of them could sell you thread and backing and pretty much anything you need for embroidery.   What we offer in addition to quality products and great values is understanding.  We know the challenges you face because we’ve faced them too.  Once upon a time Ensign Emblem had its first day of operation and had to face learning about the business and finding customers and all the challenge our EnMart customers now face.   We know how hard creating and building a business can be.  We’ve been there.

Because we understand the challenges our customers face, we’ve created methods to help you conquer those challenges.  One of those methods is this blog where we work to educate our customers and share knowledge with all of you.  Another helpful tool is our online thread conversion module.   We make it easy for you to convert from your current thread supplier to Iris thread.  All you have to do is select the thread color number of your current supplier and we take care of the rest.   EnMart also helps you create new profit centers with products like our Ntrans transfers and blank patches.  Our success is based on helping you succeed, and we’re dedicated to achieving that goal.

If you’re looking for a supplier who can always give you a bargain basement price, we may not be it.   If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a supplier who understands your business and who has the experience to help you get where you want to go, you need look no further than EnMart.  We understand your concerns and your needs because we’ve been where you are now.

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10th February 2009

Your Content Belongs to You

I write a lot of things for this company.  I write web site content, brochures, instructional manuals, scripts for videos and, of course, this blog.  Naturally I do a lot of research for some of the things I write, I also pick the brains of my co-workers and draw on the over 30 years of embroidery knowledge that exists here at EnMart and Ensign Emblem.  Everything that we put out is original content or, if it is not original to us, it is clearly labeled so that everyone knows from where the article came.  We don’t steal content, and we don’t attribute content to ourselves that we didn’t create.

I can only wish that everyone else would be so scrupulous.

Yesterday I was doing some research for a piece I’m writing when I came across an article section on another web site.  There, word for word, was some content that I wrote several months back and which was originally posted on this very blog.  The content was not attributed to us in any way, nor was there any link back to our web site.  Sadly, this happens all too often.

If you have a web site or a blog or if you create original designs, you must be vigilant if you want to ensure that no one is using your creations without your permission.  That may be particularly difficult when it comes to online content, as the line between acceptable and unacceptable use can often be quite narrow.  For what it’s worth, here’s what we at EnMart consider to be acceptable use:

  • Original source of content is clearly identified
  • A link back to the original source is provided
  • Permission to use the information is requested and received

If you do find out that someone is using your content without your permission or knowledge, you do have a recourse.  Most hosting providers have a code of conduct and will shut down blogs that are stealing content.   The first thing to do is write to the offending party and let them know you did not give permission for your content to be used and you would like it to be removed.  If that doesn’t work, contact the hosting company and let them know one of their clients is violating the host’s code of conduct.  That will usually be enough to get the blog closed down.

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9th February 2009

Why Thread Weight Matters

If you read any of the literature we’ve written about Iris thread, you’ll see that we often refer to it as a “true 40 weight” thread.  You may have wondered what that means and why it’s important.  Today I want to answer both those questions for you.

First, as to what being a “true 40 weight” thread  means.  The weight of a thread is based on length, not on the heaviness of the thread itself.   A thread gets the designation “40 weight” because 40 kilometers of the thread will weigh 1 kilogram.   The “weight” of the thread is determined by how many kilometers it takes to equal one kilogram.  The higher the weight number, the lighter the thread.  This means that a 50 weight thread is lighter than a 40 weight thread and so on down the scale.

Now, as to why thread weight matters.  There are a couple of reasons why thread weight is important.   One is better fill.   Fill refers to how the thread covers the fabric.  Thicker thread covers the fabric better requiring less thread to stitch out your designs.  This can save you both money and time.

Another benefit of a true 40 weight thread is fewer breaks.   A true 40 weight thread is tough, making it more likely that it will run for the length of your sew out without breaks.  If your machine tensions are adjusted to suit the thread, and if your machine has been maintained properly, your production should increase and you should go for longer stretches without having to deal with thread breaks.

Finally, a true 40 weight thread can handle arcs and curves which should result in less splitting.   A less strong thread might well split or snap  when stitching a curve or an arc.  A true 40 weight thread can handle the extra stress and should be able to stitch arcs or curves without splitting.

If you are looking fora true 40 weight thread that won’t cost you an arm and a leg,  we’d like to introduce you to Iris thread.  Available in both polyester and rayon,  it is a durable thread, with superb color and sheen. To learn more about Iris thread, and how it stacks up to the other available threads in the marketplace,  you can read our article “Iris Thread: Resetting the Benchmark“.

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5th February 2009

Why Contact Information is So Important

One of the things I always preach when I’m reviewing other people’s web sites is the necessity of having multiple forms on contact information and making that information easy to find.   There’s a reason why I give this advice.  Perhaps a little story will explain it best.

I’m currently trying to make a purchase from a site that sells a particular bag I want for samples for our next trade show.  The price on the bag is good and the bag fits our requirements exactly.  I’m ready and willing to give this company my money.  The only problem is that the online checkout doesn’t work, and the company only offers one form of contact information, e-mail.

Yesterday I tried to place an order twice and was stopped both times by major glitches in the checkout process.  When it failed for the second time, I tried to find contact information so I could let the company know that (1) I wanted to place an order and (2) their web site wasn’t working properly.  All I found was an e-mail address.  So I e-mailed them.  That was yesterday morning.  As of this morning, I’ve had no reply.

There’s no telephone number listed on the site so I can’t call them.  I can’t place the order so I can’t cross the task off my to do list and move on.  I’m getting more and more frustrated and it is likely that even if the company contacted me now, I’d still place my order elsewhere.

If you run a business, always make sure you give your customers multiple ways to contact you if there is a problem or if they have a question.  The best contact information is a street address for snail mail, a telephone number for phone calls and an e-mail address for e-mail inquiries.  You should also make sure that someone responds promptly to any requests or inquiries.  Making people wait for information can often result in a lost sale.

If you’re wondering where you can find EnMart contact information, it is clearly labeled on the Contact Us page of our website and is also listed on the About Us page of the online store.  We respond promptly to phone calls and e-mails and are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

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4th February 2009

Thread Palettes for Every Occasion

EnMart thread palettes are a great way to get the thread you need for a specific theme embroidery without spending a lot of money.  Our Miscellaneous Thread Palettes provide a lot of color choices for specific events and let you get all the colors you need at a bargain price.  Let’s take a look at some of the palettes in the Miscellaneous category.

Baby Gift Thread Palette –  All the soft colors you need for monogramming that soft and cozy baby blanket or for embroidering an adorable wall hanging for the nursery.   This palette includes seven pastel threads including, of course, pink and blue.

Nautical Thread Palette –  If you do a lot of embroidery for yacht clubs or boating enthusiasts, this is the thread palette for you.   The Nautical thread palette consists of 6 colors that are most closely identified with sailing and nautical themes.

Flesh Tone Thread Palette – In a multicultural world, you need a multicultural thread palette, particularly if you embroider a lot of scenes with people in them.   This palette should allow you to create almost every skin tone.

Pastel Thread Palette –  This palette is great for embroidering designs on pretty Spring dresses, or even doing Easter designs.  The palette contains seven different threads in pastel shades.

Vibrant Thread Palette –  If you like bright, bold colors, this is the thread palette for you.  The Vibrant thread palette contains 5 neon color choices.

All thread palettes contain Iris polyester thread in 5500 yard cones.

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2nd February 2009

5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Embroidery Machine

Your embroidery machine is probably one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your shop.   You most likely spent a substantial sum to purchase the machine and now that you have it (or them, if you have more than one) you want to get the most value for every dollar you spent.   Here are a few tips that can help you do just that.

Tip 1:Maintenance –  Make sure your machine is very well maintained.  Follow the maintenance guidelines in your manual and keep your machine oiled and free of lint and dust.   The more time you spend maintaining your machine, the longer it should run without problems or the need for a visit to a professional repairperson.  For more information on how to maintain your machine, you can visit the following sites:

Sew News

Impressions Magazine

Tip 2:  Read the Manual – Manufacturers provide instruction manuals to help you get the most from your machine.  Make sure you spend time reading through the entire manual.  Use a highlighter to mark the information that is relevant to maintenance so you can find it again later.  Most manufacturers will include a recommended maintenance schedule in their manual.

Tip 3:  Take Advantage of Training –  Many machine manufacturers will offer training on how to use their machines.  Most times the training will not be free, but often times the cost is fairly minimal.  If you are planning to use your embroidery machine for business reasons, the cost of the training may be tax deductible.

Tip 4: Visit Forums –  Some embroiderers are lucky enough to be surrounded by a local community that can provide advice.  For those who don’t have that local resource, online forums can be a great substitute.  Forums like T-Shirt Forums.com and the Stitches Magazine Social Site can be great places to share ideas and get advice.

Tip 5:  Practice, Practice, Practice –  The best way to get the most from your machine is to use it as much as you can.  Learning your machine’s quirks and getting comfortable setting it up for different jobs will help ensure that you will be able to perform quickly and efficiently when asked to stitch out a job for a paying customer.

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