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Personalization through Monograms

21st January 2009

Personalization through Monograms

 We talk a lot about personalization on this blog.  Covering this topic makes sense for us since we sell items that can help you make your customer’s garments unique and special.  One way to make garments personal and unique is to add a monogram to them.  Monograms are fairly easy and quick to sew and can add a special touch to a garment without adding a lot of time or effort to your stitch out.

Historically monograms were the province of rulers or the upper class of society.  They were often used to mark clothing so the laundress would know to whom the washed garments should be returned.  Rulers used monograms to mark documents and monograms were often stamped in wax and used to seal important papers.  In the Middle Ages artists often used monograms to sign their work.  The monogram has long been a symbol of identity and privilege.

Today a monogram can appear on almost anything.  From shirt cuffs to jackets, blankets to towels and almost anything else you can think of, embroidering monograms can lucrative for any embroidery business.   As customization becomes more and more the norm, consumers want the ability to mark a piece of clothing or an accessory as uniquely theirs.  Monograms are a fairly inexpensive way to meet that need.

If you’re new to embroidering monograms, or want a refresher course on the basic rules of monogramming, here are some sites that can help.

Rules of Monogramming

Monogram Guidelines

Monogram Placement Rules (PDF)

Monogram Chick

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