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Lessons from a Tradeshow Booth

13th January 2009

Lessons from a Tradeshow Booth

We just crated and shipped our trade show booth last night.  It should arrive later this week in California so we can exhibit at the ISS Long Beach show.   The booth is, as always, unique and interesting, and I highly recommend you stop by and see us if you’re attending the show.  We are also exhibiting some products that are new for 2009.  I guarantee it will be worth your time to stop in.  We’re in booth 2460.

Putting together a trade show booth, like any major project, can be time consuming and exhausting.  It can also remind you how necessary a good team is to the survival of any business.  While the concept for the booth comes out of Marketing, the construction of all the items in the booth and the construction of the booth itself calls on expertise from many different departments.   We’re lucky to have a great team of very creative, talented people here, and we work together well.   That makes completing big projects that much easier.

Constructing a trade show booth also points out the importance of good planning.  There are a lot of logistics that need to be managed.   Samples and collateral materials need to be packed.  Display items need to be constructed.  Everything needs to be moved to a central location to ensure that everything gets packed.  You have to be organized and you have to have a master plan.  If you don’t, everyone flails around and nothing of use gets done.

Finally, putting together a trade show booth has taught us that you have to be flexible.  Even the best laid plans can go awry on occasion.   The idea that sounded so great in the concept stage turns out to be a dud on execution.   The item that absolutely had to go with the crate doesn’t get completed on time and will have to be shipped separately.  Someone measures something wrong and a design that should have fit suddenly doesn’t.  Being flexible and able to think on your feet is very important both for reducing stress and minimizing problems.

We look forward to seeing everyone at ISS Long Beach and then at ISS Atlantic City in March.  If you need passes for either of those shows, or for ISS Orlando, we do have them available.

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