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Popular New Year’s Resolutions

30th December 2008

Popular New Year’s Resolutions

(This week I thought we’d revisit some posts that have appeared on this blog over the past year.  I know we get new readers often, so I thought I’d point out some posts I thought shouldn’t be missed.  This post about New Year’s resolutions first appeared in January of 2008.)

Almost everyone I know makes at least one resolution every New Years Day.  Some of the most common resolutions for business owners are about things like controlling cost, getting more organized, or taking more time for family and friends.  The New Year is always a good time to take a step back and determine how you could be more efficient and more effective.

Today, I wanted to tell you how EnMart can help you keep the resolutions you made this New Years Day.  Suppose your resolution was to be more organized.   Our thread kits with metal racks are a great way to keep your thread organized and within easy reach.  We also offer a polyester thread chart which will allow you to match colors before you buy, ensuring that your thread inventory only contains colors you know you will use.

Perhaps your resolution for 2008 was to open new avenues for your business.  Our Ntrans Screenprint Transfers allow you to offer screenprinted garments to your customers without purchasing any additional screenprinting equipment, beyond a heat press, should you not already have one.   Ntrans transfers are very easy to apply and can be designed in a variety of sizes and colors.

Some people make New Years resolutions regarding upgrading their equipment or establishing a stricter maintenance schedule.  It is a proven fact that equipment that is well maintained will last longer and perform more efficiently.  If you want to put your equipment on a stricter maintenance schedule, EnMart can supply the accessories and tools necessary to get the job done.

A lot of business people make resolutions regarding controlling costs.  EnMart offers some of the most cost effective products available in the marketplace.  Combine our reasonable prices with our quick turn around times, our stellar customer service, and our record for on-time delivery, and you’ll quickly see how EnMart can help you control costs and save time in 2008.

Whatever your New Years resolution for 2008, our resolution is to do everything we can to keep our customers happy and coming back.  If you have any suggestions for blog post topics, products we might want to consider, or just comments on how we’re doing, please feel free to contact us.  We always love to hear from our customers.

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