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Establish Corporate Identity with Embroidered Garments

22nd December 2008

Establish Corporate Identity with Embroidered Garments

(This week I thought we’d revisit some posts that have appeared on this blog over the past year.  I know we get new readers often, so I thought I’d point out some posts I thought shouldn’t be missed.  This post about embroidered garments first appeared in December of 2007.)

As an employee of EnMart and Ensign Emblem, I see a variety of shirts and jackets with our corporate logos on them every day.  I own several shirts myself.  There are days when I look around the offices and everywhere I look I see our corporate logo.  It’s a nice feeling, and a great way to create a sense of community.

When most machine embroiderers think of ways to increase their business, corporate branding might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  Many people tend to associate corporate branding with large corporations.  There are probably thousands of people walking around with Google or Microsoft logos on their clothing.  There are probably far fewer wearing the logo of Ed’s Garage which is down the street in the town where you live. If, however, you can find ten or twelve Ed’s Garage type businesses in your town, you can generate a nice revenue stream through corporate branding work.

Corporate branding can work for any business, no matter what the size.  Although many people tend to take seeing a company logo on a t-shirt or jacket for granted,  studies have shown that almost half the people in any given group will process information they see better than they process information that they hear.  A shirt or jacket with a corporate logo is a quiet and classy way to advertise, and one that may stick in many people’s minds better than a radio or television ad.

A shirt or jacket with a logo can also be great branding for your own business.  Create some different types of shirts and a jacket or two and wear these clothes when you go to the grocery store, the bank or simply for a walk around your neighborhood.   You never know when you might meet someone who will see the logo on your clothes and ask where you had it done.  Suddenly, a simple shirt has become a great way to advertise your business and a potential vehicle for future sales.

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