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Buy Local This Holiday Season

9th December 2008

Buy Local This Holiday Season

It’s no secret the economy is in a slump at the moment.  A lot of cities and towns, even a lot of states, are suffering from loss of jobs and loss of revenue.  Now, more than ever, it is more important to support businesses in your state and in your local area.  Businesses that are making money are businesses that are employing people.  Giving at least a portion of your buying dollars to businesses that operate in your state and in your area is just a smart thing to do.

EnMart is proud to say that we currently employ people in Michigan, Nevada and New Jersey.  Our parent company, Ensign Emblem, also has plants in Illinois, Georgia and California.   If you live in any of those states, spending your embroidery supply dollars with EnMart will help keep employees in your area working.

Our corporate headquarters is in Traverse City, Michigan.  It is no secret that Michigan has been hard hit by the economic problems that have plagued the U.S.   A lot of businesses are closing up shop in Michigan right now.   As a Michigan based embroidery supplies company, EnMart is working to help Michigan embroiderers stay in business.  That’s why we offer the best embroidery supplies we can find at reasonable prices.   The Michigan economy needs every successful business it can get, and those businesses need to support each other.

Not only does buying from EnMart make smart economic sense from a “buy local” standpoint, it also make sense from the “buy quality” standpoint.   All the items we sell, from thread to backing to bobbins, are the items we use.  We know these products work because we’ve seen them work in our plants every day.  If you’re looking to reduce inventory costs, buying quality, and buying from EnMart, will certainly help you achieve that goal.

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