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Making Money Through Recycling and Refreshing

4th December 2008

Making Money Through Recycling and Refreshing

In tough economic times businesses have to be innovative to survive.  Business owners also need to be able to spot trends and capitalize on them.  When times are tough a lot of people aren’t inclined to buy new clothes.  They are more apt to recycle or reuse their current wardrobe in new ways.   This can present an opportunity for the savvy embroidery shop owner.

One easy way to refresh an old garment is to add embroidery or other embellishments.   An old jacket or shirt could gain new life through embroidery or adding a creative patch.  Hand-me-down children’s clothes can be personalized through the use of a monogram.  Adding rhinestones or a screen print transfer can give color and sparkle to an otherwise boring garment.

Another potential source of business is taking old items and creating something new.  Old t-shirts could be cut down and made into embroidered hand towels.   Socks could be sewn together to create draft excluders or sock animals.  Old clothes could also be used to make braided rugs or even quilts.  With a little thought a lot of clothing items can be  used in the creation of unique gifts and keepsakes.

If you want to pursue this niche, you need to let people know that you’re interested.  Talk to your current customers and let them know that you’re willing to do small jobs that will help extend the life of their clothing.   Offer your services to a local thrift shop in exchange for being able to advertise to those people who buy at the store.  Contact the local newspaper or TV station and offer to write an article or do a demonstration about recycling clothing.  If you let people know you can do the work and show them ways that they can save money, they will come to your shop.

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