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Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins

25th November 2008

Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins

Many of you may already know that Magna Glide bobbins are available from the EnMart store.  What you may not know is why we sell them.  I wanted to discuss that a bit today.

Magna Glide bobbins are different from standard machine embroidery bobbins.   The magnetic core of the Fil-Tec bobbin allows it to sew with a consistent tension from the beginning to the end of the bobbin thread.  According to Fil-Tec

“The magnetic core, combined with our advanced EB “crosslink” technology optimizes dynamic thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin.

Also according to Fil-Tec, the magnetic core allows for significantly more stitches per bobbin, while reducing defects and improving productivity.

There have also been some reviews of the Magna Glide bobbin done by independent testers.  Here is one from R&M Crafts.    If you’re interested in what end users have to say, you can also read some customer reviews.

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