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Add Sparkle to your Holidays with Metallic Thread

13th November 2008

Add Sparkle to your Holidays with Metallic Thread

If your goal is to make your holidays sparkle and shine this year, you may want to consider adding metallic thread to your embroidery projects.  Many embroiderers are reluctant to work with metallic thread because they’ve heard horror stories of breakages and problems.  We can’t speak for other threads, but we can tell you that Iris metallic thread is one of the smoothest running metallic threads in the industry.  Available in gold and silver,  this thread is a great way to accent your holiday embroidery.

In order to get the best from your metallic thread, there are a few simple things you should do.  One easy step is to use a needle designed specifically for sewing with metallic thread.    Using this type of needle will help prevent shredding and breakages.  It will also help make sure the thread runs more smoothly.

You should also check the tension on your machine.  Metallic thread may require different tension settings than the thread you usually use.  Do some test stitches to see how the metallic thread works with the current tension settings on your machine.  If the thread has issues, loosen the tension by one measure and do your test stitch again.

The speed of your machine may also be an issue when sewing with metallic thread.  In general, metallic thread requires a slower stitch speed.  If you’re experiencing problems, try slowing the stitch speed down a bit and see what happens.

Embroidering holiday themed gifts can be a great way to raise profits and will allow you to give unique, personalized gifts to family and friends.  Shopping at EnMart will allow you to get all the supplies you need in one place, saving you both time and money.  In addition to metallic thread,  needles, other accessories, and backing, EnMart also offers our holiday themed thread palettes.

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