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All About Bobbins

11th November 2008

All About Bobbins

When it comes to bobbins for your embroidery machine you have two choices, buy bobbin thread and wind the bobbins yourself or purchase prewound bobbins that simply need to be inserted into your machine.   Many machine embroiderers opt for the prewound bobbin option, since it takes less time and is generally easier.  At EnMart we sell two types of prewound bobbins, Hi-1o and Magna Glide.   Hi-10 bobbins are available in Style L and Style M and with black and white thread.  Magna Glide Bobbins are available in Style L with both black and white thread.

The Hi-10 bobbins come 144 bobbins to a box.  They are prewound bobbins with paper sides and contain 100% continuous filament polyester thread.   These bobbins can be used on all commercial machines and are the most common type of bobbin in the industry.

Magna Glide bobbins come 100 bobbins to a box and contain polyester thread.  A Magna Glide bobbin has a magnet embedded in the core of the bobbin.  This creates resistance through attraction to the metal bobbin case.  The tension created by the magnet eliminates both backlash and overspin.   This allows the bobbin to run at an even tension.

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