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EnMart November Specials

3rd November 2008

EnMart November Specials

Everyone likes to save money and, in today’s economic climate, no one has money to burn.  In order to help our customers control costs and stretch their budgets as far as possible EnMart has designated November as Special Offer Month.  Rather than run one special the entire month, we’re going to offer different specials each week.  Some may run for the entire month, and some will run only for a week or so.

These specials will not be announced on the EnMart website.  They will only be announced through EnMart e-mails.  If you are currently on our mailing list, November is a good month to make sure you’re reading any e-mails you get from us.  If you’re not on the list, now would be a good time to ask to be added.  Getting added to the list is very simple.  Just  e-mail us and ask that your address be added to our mailing list.  It’s that easy.

Please keep in mind that EnMart products, even when not part of a special offer are priced very competitively.  We’re confident that, in most cases, comparing prices for the items that EnMart offers with the prices you’re paying to your current supplier for those same items will allow you to see that EnMart prices are less expensive.  Saving money is a priority for the majority of business owners right now,  so we hope you take a moment to investigate what EnMart can do for your business.

The first special will be announced by e-mail on Thursday, November 6.  If you’re not currently on our mailing list, there’s still time to get your e-mail added.

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