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Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins

25th November 2008

Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins

Many of you may already know that Magna Glide bobbins are available from the EnMart store.  What you may not know is why we sell them.  I wanted to discuss that a bit today.

Magna Glide bobbins are different from standard machine embroidery bobbins.   The magnetic core of the Fil-Tec bobbin allows it to sew with a consistent tension from the beginning to the end of the bobbin thread.  According to Fil-Tec

“The magnetic core, combined with our advanced EB “crosslink” technology optimizes dynamic thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin.

Also according to Fil-Tec, the magnetic core allows for significantly more stitches per bobbin, while reducing defects and improving productivity.

There have also been some reviews of the Magna Glide bobbin done by independent testers.  Here is one from R&M Crafts.    If you’re interested in what end users have to say, you can also read some customer reviews.

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24th November 2008

Getting Your Embroidery Business Through Tough Times

I’m guessing most people out there know that our economy is in a bit of trouble at the moment.  People are losing their jobs.  Companies and downsizing or closing their doors entirely.  Consumers are cutting back on spending and putting more of their money away for a rainy day.  For those people who do run businesses, the challenge they face is thinking up new ways to attract and retain customers while simultaneously figuring out methods for saving their hard earned dollars.  Today I thought it would be a good idea to share some suggestions for prospering in this challenging and interesting economic climate.

Suggestion 1:  Diversify –  It stands to reason that the more products and services you offer, the more types of customers you’ll be able to attract.  If you currently only do embroidery, consider adding screen print to your product offerings.  Simply order some Ntrans transfers and a heat press and you’re ready to offer screen printed garments to your customers.  The same goes if you currently are primarily a screen print shop.   Adding a Meistergram machine will allow you to offer embroidery and expand your market niche.

Suggestion 2: Retain existing customers – We’ve talked about the value of repeat customers before.   When times are tough, existing customers are more valuable than ever.  This is the time to make sure your products and your services are the very best they can be.

Suggestion 3: Review your supplier’s prices –  In a tough economy you want to make sure you’re getting the most for every dollar you spend.  A few hours of research can pay off when it comes to saving money on thread, bobbins and other necessary supplies.   Also make sure to investigate the quality of your potential purchase.   A higher quality thread, for instance, may cost a little more, but you’ll recoup the cost quickly.

Suggestion 4:  Examine your processes –  Now is also the time to examine how you do what you do.  Is there a way to streamline your production process?  Could you speed up the number of garments you put out in an hour if you changed a few things?  When you run a business time is, quite literally, money,  so the more time you can save and the more efficient you can be, the more money you’ll save as well.

Suggestion 5:  Keep advertising –  A lot of people would tell you that advertising should be the first thing to go during tough times, but they would be wrong.  Now, while other businesses are possibly cutting back, is the perfect time to get your message out there.  It will face less competition and potential customers will see that your business is still solid and sound.

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20th November 2008

Holiday gifts from EnMart

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are just over 30 days left until Christmas of 2008.   If you’re looking for a great gift for the machine embroiderers on your list, I would like to recommend our Iris thread kits.   The best 24 kit in polyester or rayon is a great way to give someone a gift of thread they will use again and again.  If you want to give a bit more extravagant gift, our Best 50 kit would make a great holiday present and is sure to be appreciated by any embroiderer.

Another great gift would be one of EnMart’s thread palettes.   These collections of thread are a great way to give your favorite embroiderer a gift they will use again and again.  With palettes for everything from Valentine’s Day to baby gifts to flesh tones, you’re sure to find a palette that will exactly suit your needs.  These palettes are also available at an extremely reasonable price.   For $31.50 you can get 6 5500 yard cones of polyester thread.  That’s would make an economical and colorful Christmas gift.

EnMart also carries a variety of items that would make great stocking stuffers. Thread clips, a seam ripper or a lint brush would fit nicely into a stocking.   Our mini cones of thread would also be a colorful addition to your favorite embroiderer’s stocking this Christmas. We should also remember that an embroidery thread chart would make a thoughtful and useful gift.   After all, selecting thread colors is much easier with a thread chart.

EnMart ships promptly, so you still have some shopping days left until Christmas.  If you order before the end of November, you can take advantage of the discount we provided to all our newsletter subscribers this month.  If you don’t currently receive our e-mail newsletter you should ask to be added to the list.   EnMart is working to give some gifts to our customers this holiday season, and our specials and sales are currently being announced by e-mail.  If you’re not currently receiving our newsletter, you’re missing out.

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18th November 2008

Backing Available at Closeout Prices

As any machine embroiderer knows, one of the keys to a quality finished product is the backing that is used in the creation of the embroidery.  Whether you’re using cutaway backing or tearaway backing or embroidering single emblems using peel and stick backing as a base,  the end product will be effected by the quality of the backing that you use.

EnMart is proud to offer what we feel is some of the finest backing in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for water soluble topping, peel and stick, tearaway, cutaway or poly mesh backing, you can find what you need at EnMart.  We are also currently offering some of our backing on sale.  In an effort to clear out some inventory to make room for additional incoming backing, we have put the following backing types on sale at clearance prices.

2.5 Oz. Soft-N-Stable Cutaway – 6×6 – 500 pcs per pack –  This backing has excellent stability, is easy to hoop and has a soft feel against the skin.

2.5 Oz. Universal Cutaway – 15 x 15 – 500 pcs per pack – If you’re stitching larger designs, this backing is ideal.  It is washable and suitable for dry cleaning.

2.0 Oz. Tearaway/Washaway – 15 x 15 – 500 pcs. per pack –  This backing washes away, leaving the garment soft and free from backing.   It also offers superior stitch performance on high stitch count designs.

The closeout prices will only last until all the backing of these types in inventory is cleared.  If you want to take advantage of these sale prices on backing, I’d recommend making a purchase soon.

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17th November 2008

A New Way to Convert to Iris Thread

A few days ago I wrote about the tools that EnMart offers for those who are looking for an easy way to do thread conversions.   Today I want to tell you about an additional method of doing thread conversions that EnMart has developed.  You can find that new method here.

The new way of converting thread is quite simple.  All you do is choose the menu item which corresponds to the thread you currently use.  Once you’ve made your selection, simply enter the number of the thread you’re trying to convert.  Once you’ve selected your number, click the look-up button.  You will then be shown all the items that contain the Iris thread that is a match to the thread number you selected.    From there you can simply click on the products you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

Currently we offer conversions from Madeira, Robison-Anton, Isacord and Sulky to Iris polyester.   We also offer conversions from Madeira Rayon, Robison-Anton Rayon and Sulky Rayon to Iris polyester.  We hope to be able to offer rayon to rayon conversions soon.

If you’re looking for an easy way to convert from your current supplier to Iris thread, it doesn’t get much easier than this.  All you have to do is select your color number and click and our conversion program does the rest.

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13th November 2008

Add Sparkle to your Holidays with Metallic Thread

If your goal is to make your holidays sparkle and shine this year, you may want to consider adding metallic thread to your embroidery projects.  Many embroiderers are reluctant to work with metallic thread because they’ve heard horror stories of breakages and problems.  We can’t speak for other threads, but we can tell you that Iris metallic thread is one of the smoothest running metallic threads in the industry.  Available in gold and silver,  this thread is a great way to accent your holiday embroidery.

In order to get the best from your metallic thread, there are a few simple things you should do.  One easy step is to use a needle designed specifically for sewing with metallic thread.    Using this type of needle will help prevent shredding and breakages.  It will also help make sure the thread runs more smoothly.

You should also check the tension on your machine.  Metallic thread may require different tension settings than the thread you usually use.  Do some test stitches to see how the metallic thread works with the current tension settings on your machine.  If the thread has issues, loosen the tension by one measure and do your test stitch again.

The speed of your machine may also be an issue when sewing with metallic thread.  In general, metallic thread requires a slower stitch speed.  If you’re experiencing problems, try slowing the stitch speed down a bit and see what happens.

Embroidering holiday themed gifts can be a great way to raise profits and will allow you to give unique, personalized gifts to family and friends.  Shopping at EnMart will allow you to get all the supplies you need in one place, saving you both time and money.  In addition to metallic thread,  needles, other accessories, and backing, EnMart also offers our holiday themed thread palettes.

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12th November 2008

Making the Thread Conversion

We talk to a lot of people about thread.  Some of those conversations happen at trade shows.  Other conversations happen over the phone when someone calls in to place an order.  When, during these conversations, we ask what is the main thing stopping people from switching to our thread, the number one response is this:  making the conversion would be too difficult.

Because our parent company, Ensign Emblem, has been in the embroidery business for over 30 years, we understand the pain that converting from one thread to another can cause.  That’s why we do everything we can to help make thread conversion easy and painless.  Whether you use polyester embroidery thread or rayon embroidery thread, we can help you make the switch.

We offer thread conversion charts which can be downloaded from our web site.    We also offer the MyThreadBox Free software, which you can download to your computer and which will help you with thread conversions that require converting from some other thread brand to Iris thread.   If you’re simply looking for thread conversion charts in software form, you could purchase My Threadbox, which allows you to convert from any brand to any brand of embroidery thread.  We also have hard copies of our embroidery thread conversion charts, and would be glad to send you what you need.

All EnMart thread conversion charts were created by us, in house, using matching skills built up over 30 years in the embroidery business.  All matches were made by hand.  If you want the most exact match possible, our thread conversion charts are the best way to get the information you need.

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11th November 2008

All About Bobbins

When it comes to bobbins for your embroidery machine you have two choices, buy bobbin thread and wind the bobbins yourself or purchase prewound bobbins that simply need to be inserted into your machine.   Many machine embroiderers opt for the prewound bobbin option, since it takes less time and is generally easier.  At EnMart we sell two types of prewound bobbins, Hi-1o and Magna Glide.   Hi-10 bobbins are available in Style L and Style M and with black and white thread.  Magna Glide Bobbins are available in Style L with both black and white thread.

The Hi-10 bobbins come 144 bobbins to a box.  They are prewound bobbins with paper sides and contain 100% continuous filament polyester thread.   These bobbins can be used on all commercial machines and are the most common type of bobbin in the industry.

Magna Glide bobbins come 100 bobbins to a box and contain polyester thread.  A Magna Glide bobbin has a magnet embedded in the core of the bobbin.  This creates resistance through attraction to the metal bobbin case.  The tension created by the magnet eliminates both backlash and overspin.   This allows the bobbin to run at an even tension.

To learn more about bobbins we offer and how they can be used, please visit these additional blog posts:

Bobbin Talk

Bobbin Facts

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6th November 2008

It’s An EnMart Giveaway

During the month of November EnMart will be having a contest.  Entering this contest is easy.  All you have to do is place an order of any size during November 2008.  All orders, whether they come through the website or via phone or fax are eligible.

The prize will be two (2) Best 24 Kits of Iris Thread in your choice of Rayon or Polyester.   If you like you may choose one of each.  These kits feature mini cones of the top 24 Iris thread colors.  If you’re looking for a way to try Iris thread, this would be a great opportunity.

I would also like to remind everyone that there will be an e-mail from us arriving in your Inbox today.  This e-mail will feature a special offer.  If you’re not currently on our mailing list there is still time to be added.  Simply contact us and ask that we add you to the list.  It’s that easy.

As always, we thank everyone who has visited our site and placed an order.  We will continue to do our best to make the EnMart site a valuable resource and to offer the premium products at affordable prices.

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5th November 2008

Embroidery Dictionary: Denier,Tenacity and Elasticity

There are a lot of terms specific to the machine embroidery world.  Today I want to talk about two of them, denier and tenacity.   Both have to do with machine embroidery thread, like Iris thread, so it seemed that discussing what those terms mean would be a good idea.

Let’s start with tenacity.  This term defines the strength of a yarn or thread of a given size.  As a numeric measurement it is the breaking force of grams per denier unit of yarn.  When yarn or thread is tested to determine tenacity, it is generally stretched at the rate of 12 inches per minute.  Tenacity essentially equals breaking strength.

Next let’s consider denier.  This term has to do with the mass density of the thread fibers.   It is defined as the mass per grams in 9,000 meters.   Essentially denier measures the fineness of the thread.

Finally, let’s examine elasticity.   A thread’s elasticity has to do with how much stretch the thread has.  To test a thread’s elasticity, the thread is stretched until it snaps.  The more elastic a thread is, the more stretch it will withstand.

I also wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to keep an eye out for the next EnMart e-mail which will be out tomorrow.  There will be a special offer included in that e-mail, so don’t miss it.  If you’re not currently on our mailing list, we can easily add your information.  Just contact us and let us know you’d like to be added to the list.

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