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What’s the Best Incentive?

30th October 2008

What’s the Best Incentive?

The EnMart store has been open for business for about a year.  In that time we’ve offered a variety of specials and sales to our customers.  Sometimes it was a percentage off the price of a particular item or category of items.  Other times it was free shipping.  Occasionally it was a combination of the two.   I guess you could say we’ve been experimenting.

Obviously, we think the best reason to buy what we sell is because we offer great products.  Our Iris thread is one of the last true 40 weight threads available.   Our blank patches are made by a company(our parent company) with 34 years of experience in making patches and emblems.   EnMart Ntrans screenprint transfers are unique and were created in house by a screenprint expert with over 30 years of screenprinting experience.  Our prices are also very competitive.  So, if you’re simply comparing feature for feature, EnMart products are clearly a good buy.

We do understand, however, that for some people the thought of changing suppliers can be daunting.  In those cases, a little bit of extra incentive might be what tips the balance.  The question is what sort of offer will be the most motivating.  Is it a sale on a product?  Is it free shipping?  Is it buy one get one free?

I’d love to know what our customers are looking for in a sale or special and what sort of offers you all find most motivating.  If you have any thoughts on this question, please leave a comment on this post or e-mail me with your thoughts.

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