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Visit the EnMart Store

29th October 2008

Visit the EnMart Store

If you visit www.myenmart. com the first thing you see is a lot of information about our company and our products.  Obviously we’d like you to read all that information, it’s good stuff and an entertaining read, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote it.   We do, however, realize that there are times when you just want to make a purchase and get on with your day.  That’s why every page of the site has the “Shop EnMart button” on the righthand side of the screen.  It’s a yellow button with a blue shopping cart and the words “Shop EnMart” in it.  If you click that button you’ll be taken directly to the EnMart store.

The EnMart store is the area where you can place your order.   Whether you want thread or  bobbins or backing, you can find what you need in the EnMart store. This is also where you can find blank patches and our Ntrans screenprint transfers.   We’ve recently updated our blank patch ordering section to include non-standard colors.  Whether you want a white patch with black merrow or a brown patch with orange merrow, you can place your order through the EnMart store.

The EnMart store is also the place to find information about our products.  Each product section contains information about the product category in general.  Almost all the individual product listings include information specific to that product and a picture.   You can also feel free to contact our CSRs at any time during the order process should you have any questions.

Placing an order through our website is really very simple.  First, if you’re coming from the informational portion of the site, click the yellow “Shop EnMart” button.  This will take you to the store.  Next, select the products you want to order.  Click the “Add to Cart” button to add items to your cart.  Once you’ve made your selections, simply go to the cart, add your credit card and address information and checkout.  It’s that easy.

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