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Holiday Embroidery

2nd October 2008

Holiday Embroidery

As everyone is probably already aware, we are fast approaching the holiday season.  First comes Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then we head right into the gift giving season.  For machine embroiderers this is the time of year when all the fun holiday designs get embroidered on everything from t-shirts to tablecloths to towels.

There are tons of cute embroidery designs available for your holiday embroidery projects.  Your main problem may be choosing among all that are available.  Your next problem will be figuring out how to purchase the thread you need to embroider these fantastic designs.  That’s where EnMart can be of help.

Our Holiday Thread Palette collection  offers a variety of threads in colors to suit the color scheme for most major holidays.  Our Thanksgiving Palette features browns, greens, white and oranage, suitable for embroidering that cute little turkey or a horn of plenty.  Add some white and black thread and you’re ready to add some Pilgrims to your Thanksgiving tableau.

If you need to embroider some Christmas scenes, EnMart can help there as well.  Our Christmas Palette  gives you all the colors you need to embroider everything from the star on the top of the tree to Rudolph’s bright red nose.  All thread palettes are made of 5500 yard polyester king cones, so you’ll have plenty of thread with which to complete your designs.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget that Valentines Day, with all it’s pink, white and red romance, is right around the corner.  EnMart’s Valentines Day palette features various shades of pink, red and white suitable for embroidering all the hearts and roses the holiday requires.

All EnMart thread palettes are bundled together so we can offer you a savings over buying each cone individually.  As well as our Holiday Palettes, EnMart also offers palettes suitable for baby giftsnautical scenes and palettes that encompass each shade of color from blue to pink.

To learn more about our thread palettes and how they can help save you money, please visit the EnMart store.

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