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What’s the Best Incentive?

30th October 2008

What’s the Best Incentive?

The EnMart store has been open for business for about a year.  In that time we’ve offered a variety of specials and sales to our customers.  Sometimes it was a percentage off the price of a particular item or category of items.  Other times it was free shipping.  Occasionally it was a combination of the two.   I guess you could say we’ve been experimenting.

Obviously, we think the best reason to buy what we sell is because we offer great products.  Our Iris thread is one of the last true 40 weight threads available.   Our blank patches are made by a company(our parent company) with 34 years of experience in making patches and emblems.   EnMart Ntrans screenprint transfers are unique and were created in house by a screenprint expert with over 30 years of screenprinting experience.  Our prices are also very competitive.  So, if you’re simply comparing feature for feature, EnMart products are clearly a good buy.

We do understand, however, that for some people the thought of changing suppliers can be daunting.  In those cases, a little bit of extra incentive might be what tips the balance.  The question is what sort of offer will be the most motivating.  Is it a sale on a product?  Is it free shipping?  Is it buy one get one free?

I’d love to know what our customers are looking for in a sale or special and what sort of offers you all find most motivating.  If you have any thoughts on this question, please leave a comment on this post or e-mail me with your thoughts.

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29th October 2008

Visit the EnMart Store

If you visit www.myenmart. com the first thing you see is a lot of information about our company and our products.  Obviously we’d like you to read all that information, it’s good stuff and an entertaining read, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote it.   We do, however, realize that there are times when you just want to make a purchase and get on with your day.  That’s why every page of the site has the “Shop EnMart button” on the righthand side of the screen.  It’s a yellow button with a blue shopping cart and the words “Shop EnMart” in it.  If you click that button you’ll be taken directly to the EnMart store.

The EnMart store is the area where you can place your order.   Whether you want thread or  bobbins or backing, you can find what you need in the EnMart store. This is also where you can find blank patches and our Ntrans screenprint transfers.   We’ve recently updated our blank patch ordering section to include non-standard colors.  Whether you want a white patch with black merrow or a brown patch with orange merrow, you can place your order through the EnMart store.

The EnMart store is also the place to find information about our products.  Each product section contains information about the product category in general.  Almost all the individual product listings include information specific to that product and a picture.   You can also feel free to contact our CSRs at any time during the order process should you have any questions.

Placing an order through our website is really very simple.  First, if you’re coming from the informational portion of the site, click the yellow “Shop EnMart” button.  This will take you to the store.  Next, select the products you want to order.  Click the “Add to Cart” button to add items to your cart.  Once you’ve made your selections, simply go to the cart, add your credit card and address information and checkout.  It’s that easy.

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28th October 2008

Are You Connected?

One of the questions I see a lot on the forums I frequent is about ways to get publicity without spending a ton of time or money.  Every small business is looking for ways to get known, and most are operating with a relatively small Marketing and PR budget.   If your small business is one of these, you probably have a limited amount of funds, but you have an unlimited need to get the word out about your business.  Here are some tips that can help you accomplish that goal.

The first thing you need to do is examine your connections.   Do you know anyone on the staff of the local paper?  Are any of your contacts people who write industry blogs?  Are you familiar with anyone who works at a local television station?  It is always a good strategy to have at least a passing relationship with the people who work at the local media outlets.  Such relationships will help make it a bit more likely that news about your company will be mentioned.

The second thing you need to do is make sure your news is out there.   Start a blog.  Write and send out press releases.  People won’t know about the great things your company is doing if you don’t tell them.  A lot of people are reluctant to toot their own horns but, when it comes to business, it must be done.  If you do something newsworthy, make sure the news gets to your current and potential customers.

Another way to help your company get known is to become an expert.   Give a class at a local sewing shop. Give a lesson on a segment of the local evening news.   Offer to speak at a craft bazaar or Chamber of Commerce lunch.  The more you share your expertise and knowledge the more likely it is that people will turn to you with their embroidery questions and needs.  Everyone likes reassurance that the people they hire know what they’re doing.  Becoming an expert provides that reassurance.

Getting connected and staying connected, both to people who can help spread the news about your company, and to your customers, requires thought and work.  It isn’t something you can spend half an hour on and call it good.  If you’re truly committed to growing your business, you have to be committed to making connections as well.  It is a lot of work, but the payoff is often increased profits and growth for your business.

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23rd October 2008

EnMart’s October Steals and Deals

I just wanted to remind everyone that our October Special offers free Ground shipping on orders of $125 or more.  Simply enter code OCT2008 at checkout and your shipping will be deducted from your order.  If you need to stock up on thread or needles or bobbins, now would be the time to do so.   With our two satellite locations in Nevada and New Jersey, almost any location is at most two days away by Ground shipping.  Please keep in mind that blanks and Ntrans will ship from our Michigan location.

I also wanted to remind all of you about our thread palettes.   These thread palettes are like a permanent sale on our polyester thread.  Each palette consists of at least three and up to eight related colors.   We have holiday palettes, shades of color palettes and palettes for things like baby gifts and neon threads.   If you’re looking for a less expensive way to expand your stock of thread, or if you need thread for a specific project, our thread palettes are a great deal.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should also take a look at our blank patches.  Although standard turn around time in the industry for  blanks is often measured in weeks, we get our blanks out the door much faster.  Most orders ship in three or four days.  If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of blanks who can supply them at an economical cost and in a reasonable time frame, you should definitely look to EnMart.   As I mentioned earlier in the week our blank patches are also now available in non-standard colors.

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22nd October 2008

We’d Love a Review

Like a lot of your businesses, EnMart gains customers through word of mouth.  As many of you know, the best recommendation a new customer can have is one from a current customer.  Hearing that other people are satisfied with the product and service they’ve received can help reassure potential new customers that they’ve made the right decision.

I would like to encourage all our customers to let us know how we’re doing and, if you feel so inclined to share your thoughts with others.   You can talk about us on the T-Shirt Forum or the Stitches Social Site.   You could add a review to our listing at Brownbook.net.  You could simply send us an e-mail and let us know that we can use your message as a testimonial if we like.

If you have a blog or web site and you find the information on our blog or website helpful, it would be great to have a link from your site to ours.   We also have a links page on our web site and we maintain a blogroll on this blog.  If you are interested in exchanging links, please let us know.  We may be able to work out an exchange.

We’re glad that so many customers are finding EnMart and our products and services helpful.  We’d like to continue to spread the word about what we’re doing and the products we offer.   Thanks to all of you who have already recommended us to friends and business acquaintances.  We appreciate your support.

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21st October 2008

Non Standard Blanks

EnMart is proud to announce that we now offer blank patches in a variety of color combinations.  In the past the blanks offered for sale on our web site were only offered in the seven standard merrow thread colors and were only available with white fabric.  Today we begin offering blank emblems in a variety of thread and fabric colors.

Blank emblems are still available in the following shapes: oval, circle, rectangle or square.  The sizes available are the most popular sizes that we offer.

To order blanks through the web site, simply select the blank emblems and patches link on the menu.   This will take you to the blank emblems order page.   From there, simply select the shape and size you wish to order.  When you click on that link, you will be taken to the page where you can select your thread and fabric colors.  There will be a slight additional charge for any non-standard colors.   Simply choose your border color, your fabric color, and whether you want heat seal or sew on backing.  Click add to cart and you’re done.

If you need some help selecting a border or fabric color,  EnMart has made available a PDF color chart which details all the possible colors.   Simply select your colors from the chart and enter them into the order form.

All orders for blanks that are included on the site can be quickly and easily placed through the EnMart store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wish to order an emblem size or shape that is not included on the site, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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14th October 2008

Meistergram Machines

EnMart is proud to announce that we are a distributor for Meistergram embroidery machines.  These machines can be used for names, hats, designs, logos and for sewing on garments.  We offer machines that have 1 head, 2 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads and 8 heads, in 12 needle and 15 needle versions.  All machines come with digitizing software and a 1,000,000 stitch memory.

The machines are tough enough to take on any job but small enough to be easily portable.  They are ideal for remote jobs like state fairs, malls and sporting events.   The compact design is also well suited to smaller workspaces.  If you have a small shop, a one head or two head Meistergram is a great way to handle your embroidery work.

Since EnMart is a machine embroidery supplies company, we also have all the supplies you would need to get your machine up and running.  Whether you need thread, bobbins or needles, we have the items you need to get your machine running.   We also offer items for machine maintenance like sewing machine oil and screwdrivers.    Training in the optimum use of the Meistergram machines is also available.

To learn more about the machines and services we offer, please visit the Meistergram page on our web site.

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13th October 2008

MSDS Sheets

Many businesses today require MSDS sheets for any chemicals or sprays that are being used in their shops or on the production floor.  MSDS sheets are required by many companies because they are the best and easiest way to alert employees to hazards and to help insure that employees handle materials that could potentially be hazardous in the safest way possible.

EnMart has created a repository on our web site for all the MSDS sheets we have available at this time.  As we add new products, or gain access to new MSDS information, that information will be added to our site.  At present, MSDS sheets for our Sprayway products  and our Zoomspout Oiler are available in PDF form for download.  You can find the MSDS Sheets here.

If you have any questions about the MSDS sheets or any of the products we offer, please feel free to contact us.  We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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9th October 2008

One Sign Your Company Does Things Right

At some point in the process I see practically every order that gets placed with our company.  I certainly see every order that comes through the online store.  One of the things that I’ve seen lately, and something that pleases me very much, is the number of repeat customers that have been placing orders with us.   As I’ve mentioned before repeat customers can have an enormous value to a business.   Studies have shown that attracting new customers can cost up to 8 times as much as keeping existing customers happy.  Given that fact, I think the fact that our customers are placing repeat orders is a very good thing.

Having customers placing repeat orders means that our company is doing the right things.  After all, customers don’t place repeat orders if they find the order process cumbersome, or if they don’t think the products they purchased were a good value. At EnMart, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing quality products and top notch customer service.  It’s nice to see that our customers are recognizing that.

Anyone who runs a business knows that customer service requires an enormous commitment.  Good, old fashioned “we care about the customer” customer service can be pretty rare these days.   My theory is the companies that remain committed to providing top notch customer service will be the companies to which customers keep coming back.  My goal, our goal, is to make EnMart one of those companies.

Based on the orders I’m seeing, we appear to be achieving that goal.

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8th October 2008

Some Basic EnMart Facts

We’ve had a few questions lately from different customers that seemed basic enough that the answers could be useful to all our customers.  The easiest way to talk to all of you is here on this blog, so I thought today would be a good day to share some facts about EnMart with all of you.

One thing I wanted to cover is our hours of operation for Customer Service.  Our customer service staff is based in the corporate headquarters in Traverse City, MI.  We answer the phones from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  If you call between those hours you will get a live person unless all lines are busy, at which time you will be directed to our group mailbox where you can leave a message.

Another item I wanted to cover was MSDS sheets.  We do have MSDS sheets available for the Sprayway products we carry and will soon have them for our sewing machine oil.   We are in the process of adding downloadable versions of the MSDS sheets to our website.  In the meantime, if you are in need of MSDS sheets, please contact us and we will be happy to send them to you.

I also wanted to cover the locations that EnMart operates.  Our corporate headquarters is in Traverse City, Michigan.  This location is where customer service is housed and also where blank patches and Ntrans transfers are manufactured.   Our second location is in Reno Nevada and services the Western states and the West Coast.  Our third, and newest, location is in New Jersey.  This location services the East Coast.   To see all the EnMart locations, please visit our Locations page.

When you place an order, simply order as your normally would through the EnMart store.   Once the order has been received, we will route it to the location that can ship your requested items in the fastest time.

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