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We’ve Got a New Look

17th September 2008

We’ve Got a New Look

If you’ve been on the web site any time before the last day or so, you might have noticed that our look has changed.  When we started this site, the front part or informational portion of the site was designed independently of the EnMart store.  We knew we wanted to get the informational part of the site operational so people could start learning about us and from us.  So we designed the informational site as a stand alone site and planned to add the store later.

When we did add the store, we discovered that a lot of things we had done on the front part of the site just didn’t work on the back end.  In a store, the focus has to be on the products.  Having a fancy site, however well designed, distracts from what you want shoppers to do, which is buy.   Given that, we wanted the back end to be streamlined, with as few obstacles in the way of making a purchase as we could manage.

A redesign of the site has been planned for a while, and we have finally been able to make it happen.  The content of the site is still the same.  The front end contains information about the products we offer and helpful tools that will assist you in getting the most from your EnMart products.  The back end, which you can reach by clicking the “Shop EnMart” button on any page of the front end of the site,  allows you to purchase any EnMart products through our secure shopping cart.

We’re think our new design is a good one and we’re proud to share it with all of you.  As always if you have any suggestions for things we could add to our site or improvements we could make,  please share them here in the comments section or contact us to share your thoughts.

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