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Thread Conversion Made Easy

11th September 2008

Thread Conversion Made Easy

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about thread conversion.  I know, from speaking with our customers, that converting from one brand of thread to another is one of the largest obstacles embroiders face when contemplating switching threads.   If you have used the same thread for quite a while, you most likely have information on what colors work for what projects.  Switching thread would require that you put all that information together again unless, of course, you have software that can do the work for you.  That’s where EnMart comes in.

EnMart is proud to offer two version of the MyThreadBox conversion software.   MyThreadBox Free for Iris Threads will allow you to find conversions between the brand of thread you currently use and Iris thread.  MyThreadBox Full Edition  allows you to convert from one thread to another regardless of what the brands are.  Both MyThreadBox versions contain thread matches for all the major machine embroidery thread manufacturers.

The MyThreadBox software gives you the ability to use any thread you wish to sew a design, not the thread that is listed with the design.  Because you can color match threads quickly and easily, you are able to choose thread from the manufacturer you like best.  You also now have the freedom to switch manufacturers if that’s what you choose to do.  MyThreadBox removes the hassles that switching from one thread manufacturer to another can cause.

Because MyThreadBox uses digital color matching on the RGB spectrum, it provides very accurate color matches.  The only thing more accurate would be having an embroidery color matching expert sit down and do the matches by hand.   The software runs on any PC with Windows 95 or better.

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